DnD Adventure: Backstories

When we first started up our original D&D campaign, the first full-fledged adventure after a two-session tutorial run, I recall our DM giving us players a moment saying, “Now’s the time when your characters should introduce themselves and tell a little bit about your backgrounds so I can use those details against you later.” Of […]

DnD Adventures: Virtual Sessions

Since the world is currently shut down, we’re not able to see our friends and have our normal monthly DnD session. We miss it, especially we had our own go-to snacks and drinks for each session. We were in a routine and it was fun. However, we’ve been doing virtual sessions to keep in touch […]

DnD Adventures: New Characters, New Adventure!

Now that we’ve finished our first starter campaign with our writer’s group, we’ve moved onto the next. Last month, we did an “episode zero.” We have a different DM who, ironically enough, also hosts our writer’s group. We spent a couple of hours creating our characters together before moving onto an introductory session. This time […]

D&D Adventures: The End of Our First Campaign

Considering the holidays in December, we picked our campaign back up in January. Our January session of our campaign had us leaving Cragmaw Castle. We did not explore the whole castle since we, you know, somehow found what we needed within our last session quick enough. Since we didn’t fully explore the place, our DM […]

Harry Potter D&D

Happy Monday, everyone! Playing Dungeons & Dragons has opened up a new world for me. I’m always excited to play with our group and am routinely disappointed when the time comes for a session to end. Thankfully, Rachel and I have a couple of friends who indulged us in giving D&D a try with a […]

Debate: D&D's Ranger vs Sorcerer

Considering how much we’ve been enjoying our D&D campaign, we decided that this month’s debate will pit our characters’ classes against one another. We’re still fairly new to D&D and this is obviously just our personal opinions, but today I’m trying to convince Rachel that she should give the Ranger class a try instead of […]

D&D Adventures: Head-Eating Worms And Snarl

Our November session of our D&D campaign continued our exploration of Cragmaw Castle. There was plenty of goblins to defeat and investigation rolls to mess up as we searched through the place for Gundrun Rockseeker, the dwarf that sent us on our original quest so long ago. Sapphire, my character, rolled pretty well when it […]

D&D Adventures: Dragon!

We’re a bit behind with our D&D Adventures series. This is about our October session when we went back to the main storyline after having our previous grinding session. We were in a town that our cleric seemed to recognize. Rather, he recognized that it may share his religion, so we went forth to see […]

Why I Chose To Play A Sorcerer In Dungeons & Dragons

Happy Thursday! It’s no secret that Kris and I got into a Dungeons and Dragons group with some friends at the beginning of this year. We meet about once a month and are in the same group with the same campaign. That said, I chose to play as a sorcerer and have been since the […]

D&D Adventures: The Grinding Session

Last time we met with our D&D group, we had finished clearing out an old mansion that was full of bandits and lost the guy we had been pursuing. This time around, with a little help from a couple of NPCs giving us directions, we went to find a druid who would have even more […]