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Pokemon games are all about catching them all, but the core games of the series tend to have some sort of plot line. Generally, these plot lines involve all of the adults being incompetent enough to rely on a ten-year-old new trainer, especially in the face of some of the most powerful Pokemon, such as the Legendaries.

It really makes you wonder how the adults survived, huh? Then again, I guess they see themselves as “retired” and the pre-teens need to learn how to survive in the world. I guess it makes sense in some way… still, there are always various groups of “baddies” that are trying to steal Pokemon or destroy the world for some reason.

Obviously, the games wouldn’t be that great if our character was just on the sidelines watching the “adults” take care of everything. As kids, it was a thrill to play the role of hero. Now, though, I play the game and demand to know why everyone thought it was a good idea to let these babies save the world on their own. Even the “baddies” are always astonished at seeing a kid beat them in a Pokemon battle. The kid is lucky that the bad guys are honest enough to accept defeat that way.

Well, if they didn’t accept defeat then the kid’s Pokemon would just kill the bad guys. Simple. And let’s be real – we all win because we save the game right before the battle just in case.

Haha! Bringing the topic back to the stories, though, which one do you think was the better scenario? Team Rocket trying to take over Kanto? Team Rocket’s return in Johto? Team Aqua versus Team Magma in Hoenn? Team Galactic trying to… what, make a new universe? Team Plasma trying to… free all Pokemon while battling with them? Team Flare trying to destroy the world to make it beautiful again? Team Skull weren’t even the main “bad guys” for the Alola region, they were just there for comic relief while the president of the Aether Foundation goes bat-shit crazy…

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Honestly, I think I have to go with the Alola region. I feel like the story was the most fleshed out and then even more so in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (even though it was more or less the same). I really loved Team Skull. If anything, they were just kind of a side quest or distraction from the main issues of the world. It was more in depth than the other Pokemon games, in my opinion. However, I miss Team Rocket.

I feel as if many of the Alolan characters had fleshed out personalities (except for our character always smiling like a dork). I think I definitely preferred the plot lines from Kanto and Johto the most, especially Yellow and Crystal. Team Rocket was great, and the idea of going against Legendary Pokemon was still so new at that point. It was a treat to go and search for Mewtwo or track down the three beasts throughout the Johto region. Now there are Legendary Pokemon everywhere, especially with giveaways and such, that the stories revolving around them in newer games just doesn’t seem as special to me.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s fair and I totally agree with that. Kanto and Johto were fantastic with Team Rocket. Character development and such though, I definitely have to go with Alola. Then again, all the stories in Pokemon are great in their own way.

Out of all the Pokemon main games, which story is your favorite to play in? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The whole Pokemon universe is a bit weird, isn’t it? Even from the beginning it’s like, “Oh. It’s perfectly normal for preteen kids to be going off on their own and be gym leaders.” 🤣 I haven’t played the last few Pokemon games so my opinion is pretty limited, but I’d say the Kanto and Johto storylines were the best.

    • Oh, totally. I find it so odd that they let children go off on journeys like that. We’re rewatching the anime (Twitch is having a marathon) and Ash should have been dead the moment he held Pikachu in his arms within the first ten minutes of the show, lol.

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