Favorite Types Of Merch To Collect [Top Tuesday]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!
I bought more Pokemon cards the other day. And I want more. I always want more. I love collecting things, especially things I don’t really use and that has to do with video games. Thus, this Top Tuesday post.
Top Tuesday: Favorite Types Of Merch To Collect | Gaming | Video Games | DoublexJump.com

3. Figurines/Stuffed Animals

I love stuffed animals. I had a nice collection of figurines too. I have so much and no place to put them all that I haven’t gotten any in a while. However, someday, when I have money, I’m buying every single Pokemon figurine and stuffed animal there is. Also, Mario, Zelda, Sonic… anything and everything.

2. Game Guides

I’ve talked about this before, a long time ago. I love getting game guides. They’re pretty, they’re helpful, and they’re just something extra to have along with the games. The problem is, I barely have enough room on my bookshelves for my books let alone game guides.

1. Pokemon Cards

Someday I will show off my Pokemon card collection. It’s ever-growing and I try to keep it as organized as I can. I’m currently re-organizing them by region and it’s taking a while. Do I play the game? No. But I’m going to keep collecting them. I’d like to start collecting other cards such as Magic: The Gathering… and actually learn how to play that. Someday.

What’s some merch you love to get? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nice article! My prefer thing to collect are Collector’s Edition of the games, I have a large amount of that and some of them are really nice.
    The second thing I love to get are Game Guides, because they can be helpful and you can see art, interviews and many other extras about the games.

    1. The Collector’s Editions are great, yeah. Though I’ve never actually bought any of them. I’d love to get Undertale’s Collector’s Edition, but… money, lol. Someday. 🙂

        1. I was taught by the kid who I babysat and I’m pretty sure he changed the rules so the game would be in his favor. So I don’t think I ever truly learned how to play, lol.

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