Friday Favorites: Anticipation

Double Jump Kris MiiIt’s still Friday, right?
Rachel and I have a good friend who was looking to sell her one-year old, only-used-for-six-months gaming laptop for a very reasonable price, and I offered to take it off her hands. While Rachel and I have a desktop that’s supposedly dedicated to gaming, it’s mostly used for art projects. As such, I’m excited at the prospect of having a gaming laptop, and am looking forward to the games I’ll be installing on it!
3. Overwatch
I had been intrigued with this game since it was first announced, and am still intrigued after seeing plenty of play-throughs and streams of it. I’ve not really played many shooter games, but this one looks pretty damn good, and I’m itching to try it.
2. No Man’s Sky
This particular game I’ve heard plenty of interesting… things. It looks gorgeous from every trailer I’ve seen and the idea of it is amazing, but there have also been many negative reviews thrown at it as well. We shall see.
1. Batman: The Telltale Series
I gushed about this game a couple of weeks ago, and I’m positive it’s the first game I’m going to set up on the new laptop. I heard some very positive reviews about it, and it’s Batman. ‘Nough said.
What games are you looking forward to playing?

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  1. I just got the second episode of Batman, and I’m really enjoying the series so far. It’s inspiring me to try out the other Telltale series games that I haven’t played yet. I’m looking forward to Pokemon and Zelda, obviously. Other than that, I’m also anticipating Final Fantasy XV to finally come out! I’m also interested in the next Yo-kai Watch game coming out this week. I, too, got a new computer, which will hopefully give me better performance for all those Steam games I still need to play like Undertale.

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