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Despite having the Switch and Xbox One, Rachel and I have been turning our Wii back on to play Mario Party 2 on they system’s Virtual Console. After the disappointing Top 100 3DS game, going back to one of the best Mario Party games was natural. Playing Mario Party 2 and its boards reminded me of some of the best boards from the series as a whole.
Space Land (Mario Party 2)
Space Land is one of my top choices in Mario Party 2. The space aesthetics are fun, and the Bowser junction in the middle of the board can really mess up the standings. Once the countdown in the middle reaches zero, Bowser launches his Coin Beam to steal every coin from whoever may be caught in the crossfire.
Yoshi’s Tropical Island (Mario Party)
Yoshi was always a favorite character from the Mario franchise, and we always enjoyed his board from the original Mario Party game. Going back and forth between two islands for the star, there was always the chance that someone could land on a Happening space and make Bowser and the star switch places.
Goomba’s Greedy Gala (Mario Party 4)
This casino-based board is all about chances and gambling (of course). Yes, it easily got frustrating if you were never able to go the way you wanted based on the roulette wheel in the middle of the board. It was fun, though, to let chance that much control over who could reach the star space.
King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway (Mario Party 8)
Mario Party 8 is not my favorite Mario Party game due to the motion controls — I was never thrilled with them. This board was always fun, though. The night scenery and the fact that the board changed every time you played or were looking for the next star was a cool concept.

What are your favorite Mario Party boards? Which Mario Party game do you enjoy the most?

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  1. Despite being a huge fan of Mario, I’ve actually never played a Mario Party game. Any suggestions on which one to try first?

    • I believe the older Mario Party games are much better than the newer ones. If you’re able to, try to get Mario Party 2 on the Wii or Wii U Virtual Console. It’s probably the best introduction to the series with the board and mini-game play, even if some of the mini-games didn’t age as well. They’re still fun, in my opinion, and can make the game even more challenging but I also grew up with the Nintendo 64 installments so nostalgia is an influence as well.
      Otherwise, the GameCube era — Mario Party 4 through 7 — was decent. Mario Party 4 has some of Rachel’s and my favorite mini-games. Mario Party 6 and 7 do introduce mini-games with a microphone add-on, which I felt was a bit too gimmicky and a little annoying. Mario Party 8 for the Wii isn’t too bad either, but the mini-games run on motion controls, which I felt wasn’t done too well by that game, and some of the boards were uninspiring. If you enjoy motion controls and they work well for you, you may enjoy it, though.
      Mario Party 9 and 10 feature all of the players sitting in a car and moving about the game board together rather than racing and challenging each other like the previous installments. I honestly have never played 9, but we have 10 and it seems catered to younger players. I believe Nintendo is trying to keep the series relevant to younger gamers rather than having it grow with the gamers that have been with them since the original Mario Party games (it doesn’t make as much sense to me considering I was a “young gamer” when the Mario Party series just started, but I digress).
      I have also not played any of the handheld games except for Top 100, which was… not the best. It was just okay but definitely disappointed due to not being what we wanted/expected to be.
      Long answer short, I think Mario Party 2 would be the best place to start since it encompasses the classic board and mini-game style that the Mario Party franchise is known for. If you get a chance to play that, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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