Friday Favorites: Video Game Novels

Double Jump Kris MiiBooks are another love of Rachel’s and mine, and some of my favorites tend to include video games or virtual reality settings as a main focus. They’re the best of both worlds!
This Friday, I thought I would share some of my favorite books that include video games.
Ready Player One
Ready Player One was Ernest Cline’s debut novel centering on a young man who’s escape was literally virtual reality. The world nearly lived in OASIS, the virtual utopia, and they were obsessed with solving the original creator’s puzzles. Whoever solved the puzzles were promised power and wealth, enough so that players were willing to kill for the clues. I recently finished Cline’s Armada and, while Armada wasn’t bad, definitely preferred Ready Player One, if only due to the characters.
In Real Life
A graphic novel, In Real Life is by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang. The main character is a gamer who enjoys playing the MMORPG Coarsegold Online in her free time, allowing her to be as brave and heroic as she wants to be. It focuses on bullying both offline and online, as well as friendships. Sounds a bit cliche, but it was actually really well done, and the illustrations were great!
Okay, so I haven’t read Marie Lu’s Warcross just yet, but Rachel finished it and stuck it on my bed, which usually means, “Read this now! I need to discuss this with someone!” She was gushing about it the other night, being extremely vague as she tried so hard not to spoil anything, and I haven’t seen her get that excited over a book in a while. It has virtual reality, hackers, and spies… What more could you want?
Have you read any of these books? What other novels that are set in video game worlds have you read?
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  1. The first Mass Effect book was really good! I can’t remember the specific name (my husband had me read it YEARS ago), but it gave the backstory to the first Mass Effect game. Or an in-depth intro to some of the characters at least. 😉

  2. I’ve only read Ready Player One. I thought it was OK. I’m interested to see how Spielberg handles the movie adaptation.

    • I’m definitely interested in the movie adaptation. With all the special effects that can be done nowadays, it’ll be really interesting to see OASIS on the big screen!

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