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If you know me, then you know I’m not the best at video games. I picked a good hobby, didn’t I?

Kris and I recently finished playing through Super Mario RPG on our Twitch channel. This wasn’t our first rodeo with the game. I grew up watching Kris play this game over and over again.

However, it was my first time in control of the game myself. We alternated playing each section of the game. Aside from me never playing the game myself so not having as good of memory about what to do, Kris’s turns were always much faster than mine.

Part of this was because I can’t run in games.

I don’t know what it is about me, but I was never able to play through games with my character running – unless it’s Pokemon. Even then I would have some trouble. (You all know what I mean about constantly missing the door to get into the Pokemon Center, don’t you?)

Kris gets annoyed when I don’t run in a game. I think she gets bothered by how slow I’m being. Trust me, it bothers me too. I’d love to go fast.

But I can’t control my character if I run.

Seriously, the moment I press down on the “Y” button, my character goes crazy. This isn’t just with Super Mario RPG, either. This goes for the other Mario games such as the 3D platforming games.

Except, in those games, I have to run to keep up with everyone, thus falling off the ledges. A lot.

Maybe I’m a bad player, but for some reason, my hand-eye coordination can’t handle all the controls. If I have to move the joy-stick to move my character all the while pressing the “A” button to jump and avoid or attack enemies, that’s a lot. Include constantly holding down the “Y” button and that’s a different story.

I think it’s holding down the button for me. Holding “Y” and tapping “A” is an awkward setup. Who thought this was a good idea for baby thumbs?

I’m not here to complain. I fully believe slow and steady wins the race… unless you’re timed. Then you can panic about it.

Do you run in games or does it depend on the game? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it!

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