Indie Game List for 2021

For Christmas this past year, one of the gifts I received was a gift card to Steam. Considering there were a handful of games on Steam that have been stuck in Wish List Limbo, I took this as an opportunity to buy and download a few of them. 

With the pandemic happening, video games are a great escape and during this last year I found myself retreating to old favorites, like Game Dev Tycoon, Stardew Valley, and Pokemon games in between my work hours. This year, I’d like to dip into some newer games — new to me, anyway — and see if I can find some new favorites.

Ace in Space

Ace in Space was released in February 2020, and it’s been on my radar since before then. At this time, I actually downloaded it and booted it up, starting the game and being charmed by the art, music, and characters. It’s a reportedly shorter visual novel and dating sim with space and robots and catered to asexuals, which is not something that I see too often. Being ace myself, it’s nice seeing that represented. Admittedly, diversity is more prominent in games nowadays than when I was a kid, which is great, and it’ll be even better when diversity is handled as casually as straight, white characters.

Planet Zoo

A simulation game that involves running a business and animals sounded like a perfect game to me, which is sad that it’s taken me quite a while to actually buy and download Planet Zoo. Reviews of the game consist mostly of praise, and I’m looking forward to creating my own little perfect zoo and caring for plenty of animals.

Cities: Skylines

I missed out on the original SimCity due to not being born yet and I have played the more recent SimCity games, but they didn’t quite scratch that construction-sim itch. I’ve heard promising things about Cities: Skylines, especially when compared with the more recent SimCity games. Although I have heard complaints about the traffic management in Cities: Skylines, the praise far outweighs the complaints. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at building a city once again.

Murder by Numbers

We’ve been told that since we love the Ace Attorney franchise, we should give Murder by Numbers a try. We actually have had Murder by Numbers bought and downloaded on our Nintendo Switch for months at this point. We have yet to actually turn it on and try playing it, having always been distracted with other games, but I am determined to give it a try this year. It’s on my to-do list!

Coffee Talk

Another visual novel, this game combines Rachel’s love of coffee with Kris’s love of fantasy. With high scores from reviewers, this game is now over a year old and, like Murder by Numbers, has been on our Nintendo Switch for a few months. It sounds like a chill game being mostly dialogue with a few options to help the plot move along. And latte art! Everyone loves latte art!


Technically, I tried the beta version of this game on Epic Games… a long time ago. I really don’t remember when. It was on our desktop computer, which wasn’t too thrilled with the size of the game, but I remember being impressed with what we could play. Since Hades was released for the Nintendo Switch this past year, we’ve heard nothing but praise for it and it has piqued my interest once again. It’s definitely on my list to download and try again sometime this year.

While I’ll always be a Nintendo fan and it’s exciting to see what the big developers are releasing, indie games deserve to be celebrated. Let’s remember that when a pandemic hit the globe, we turned to the creators to help keep us sane.

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  1. Ok so I’ve played some of Cities: Skylines. It’s ok definitely not the greatest when it comes to simulator building games. But if you ever do decide to hack/jailbreak your SNES Mini put SimCity on there. You won’t be sorry.

    • It’s because of playthroughs of the SNES SimCity that I’m interested in construction sim games, haha! I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

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