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There are too many games and not enough time. That’s pretty much what I’m going to rant about in this post.
More Buying Than Playing | Video Games | Gaming | DoublexJump.com
I remember when the Nintendo Switch came out over a year ago. Kris and I got the console late because they were all sold out. Honestly, we were bummed, but other than Breath of the Wild, we didn’t mind because there weren’t too many games out at the time.
Now there’s a ton.
In addition to the review copies we get as well as re-discovering our Steam accounts and new games coming out for the Switch and then also going through our old games to play because “we have no games,” there’s just so many games to get through and not enough hours in the day.
Ideally, I would love for my life to just be me, my pets, the couch, and all my gaming consoles. I would love to have the chance to sit and play a game in its entirety in one day.
I’m tried coming up with a “schedule” for myself and nothing’s worked since something always comes up. So, in the meantime, I just have to play when I can. Usually it’s at the end of the day so I can kick back and relax.
I’m looking forward to a lot of games coming up and also some new releases as well as oldies that I’ve just discovered.
Kris and I downloaded Minit on our Steam account, I’m playing The Witness for the first time on the Xbox, The Lion’s Song on the Switch, Octopath Traveler for the Switch is coming tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to getting Overcooked 2 both for the Switch when it comes out.
I’m sure there are plenty more I’m missing, but those are the ones that are on my brain for the moment.

What games have you gotten lately? Any you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. I have gotten Hollow Knight, Crash N. Sane Trilogy, and Mario Tennis Aces recently. They have been great purchases. I hope you find the time to enjoy yours.

    • Hollow Knight looked interesting to me, though it’s not one we’ve gotten. We haven’t even gotten Aces yet… how has that been for you? I’ve heard some mixed things.

      • Yeah, it was a mixed experience for sure. The gameplay is great, but the way they handled the content of the offline modes was very poor. There is not a single mode that does not have head-scratching problems; for example, you can’t choose the court you are going to play on Free Play… it is all randomized. Go figure why they thought that would be a good idea.
        But the online is solid and fun. I spent a lot of time with it. But not everyone enjoys online gameplay, so those who do not get any satisfaction out of it are better off not buying Aces.

        • Ah, that’s disappointing. I’m not a big online player. I’ll go on once in a while, but I usually prefer to just chill with local friends or the computer characters. But that’s weird you can’t choose what court you play on in “Free” Play, lol.

          • Yeah… hahahahaha
            I guess local multiplayer is enjoyable as well, but you have to live with ridiculous limitations such as that one.

  2. I’ve used that SteamLeft website before, I currently have 2744 hours of continuous play left on in my steam library, yet I still keep buying games…

  3. I started buying more than playing with Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I bought it on launch day in 2004 and I still haven’t played it :/

    • I have a couple games like that. There are some DS games or Gamecube games I bought a long, long time ago and just haven’t picked up. The hype is stronger, I guess, lol.

  4. I got games on my list this month. Octopath Traveler, Sonic Mania Plus, and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2. I think you read the list it’s in this post here.

  5. I’m definitely going to get it. Today sounds tempting but I haven’t even started God of War yet. Ahhhhh decisions decisions. I need to start God of War. I told myself this wouldn’t be day one pick up. We’ll have to wait and see.

  6. This has always been an ongoing problem for me lol then I don’t play any of them cause I still get stuck on FFXIV lol! Which is totally why I’ve held off on buying a Switch!
    (Sorry if this posted multiple times the browser kept timing out or something!)

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