The world was in a tizzy the past couple of days due to a glitched Pokemon that was found in Pokemon Go. A funky-looking Ditto with a nut on its head had players running around to capture it, only for it to transform back into a regular Ditto. Considering we haven’t played Pokemon Go since the first summer the game was introduced, we’ve been on the sidelines watching as all this unfolded.
Yesterday, the new Pokemon was officially revealed. Called Meltan, the Steel type mythical Pokemon will be available for the two Let’s Go! titles with a connection to Pokemon Go. It’s assumed that Meltan is the special Pokemon that was hinted for the Switch duo in the first Let’s Go! trailers as it demonstrated the connection they had with the mobile title.
We think the Pokemon is adorable! Having a “glitched” or “leaked” Pokemon in Pokemon Go for players to discover is definitely an interesting gimmick. We’re definitely going to keep an eye out for news about this Pokemon.
Which now begs the question… Should we give playing Pokemon Go a second chance?

What do you think of Meltan? If you play Pokemon Go, have you caught one?

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  1. As someone who has been playing the game religiously since launch, I don’t blame you for bailing out of the game when you did. It was released half-baked and it’s not hard to see why people were ultimately alienated by it. Since then, the game has gotten much better, with more new Pokemon, raids, quests, friends list, and trading. There’s so much more to do than just catch them all.
    For me, having the Pokemon Go Plus fundamentally changed the way I play, as I could spin Pokestops or catch Pokemon while life like a normal human being without being glued to the screen. In times where I really want to catch a specific thing, I’ll play the regular way. But if I’m just living my life, my phone is in my pocket and I hit the Go Plus button when it vibrates.
    Since the advent of the friends list, it’s a great time to jump in. Actually, if you want to catch Mewtwo, you can get one now in regular raids for a limited time before it falls off the rotation completely. However, it’s all dependent on the areas you frequent. I’m fortunate enough to work in a metropolitan area with tons of Pokemon, Pokestops and gyms. If you’re in a rural area that’s light on those things, it’s probably still going to be a sub-par experience.

    • We remember having fun that first summer it came out, finding it both amusing and awesome how many people were running around with the app and catching Pokemon. It’s a great idea and the augmented reality worked well with it. We do know a few other people who have mentioned the friend lists to us and told us if we ever install the game again to let them know.
      With that said, we do live in a more suburban area rather than a dense city. There’s not much at all around our neighborhood when it comes to Pokemon and Pokestops, and we’re kind of hard pressed to travel around the city just to catch Pokemon.
      Who knows, though? Maybe we’ll take another chance on it, if only to experience it with the Let’s Go titles.

  2. I haven’t seen one of those yet!
    We recently reinstalled this game, but still aren’t super obsessed. We played it when it first came out but weren’t that into it.

    • Good luck if you decide to try to find it! Rachel and I were definitely interested in the game, but where we live doesn’t offer too much in the way of Pokemon and Pokestops. It may have improved since that first summer, of course, but reinstalling the game is not something that’s at the top of our to-do list.

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