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Movies based on video games tend to… not be that great. I’m sure there are exceptions, but most don’t have a good reputation, despite how popular they seem to be with fans. The Super Mario Bros. movie, for example, is an awful movie, but we love it, haha. Sonic the Hedgehog seems to have surpassed the Super Mario Bros. movie, and I honestly thought it was a fun movie!

Kris was able to see the movie in theaters with our friend and she raved about it when she got home. The moment we were able to, Kris bought the movie from Amazon and we watched it the first night we could. Overall, Sonic the Hedgehog is a pretty good movie. I think they did a great job with it.

There were lots of nods to the original video game series, from the setting Green Hills to the sound effects to quips of dialogue from the characters, that I was delighted by. Sonic’s redesign was fantastic and I thought the actors did really well in response to their CGI costar.

The overall design was fantastic, I agree. The actors were great as well and it’s definitely a movie I can see myself watching again. I will admit, I felt some parts moved a bit fast. For example, Sonic’s relationship with Tom. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I felt as though that could have been paced better. Is that just me?

It probably could have been paced better if the movie was a touch longer. Still, the idea that both of them helped each other — with Tom helping Sonic not being alone, and Sonic helping Tom fulfill that need to help others — was done well enough for the movie, in my opinion. Despite Jim Carrey being a hit or miss for me with his movies, I really enjoyed him as Dr. Robotnik. And the character Rachel, Maddie’s sister? She was amazing, haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Rachel didn’t have a big part, but I thoroughly enjoyed her character, yes. As for Jim Carrey, he’s a hit-or-miss for me as well. I looked forward to seeing him in the role of Eggman. He did a great job. I’ll be looking forward to the sequel!

I’m looking forward to the sequel too! There’s so many great characters in the Sonic universe, and I’m eager to see their take on characters like Tails and Knuckles. Overall, it was just a fun movie, and I was pleased to see how faithful the production team was to the history of the Sonic universe.

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  1. Last one I watched was Pixels (2015). I can see why it got panned 😉

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