Player One Syndrome

Double Jump Kris Mii Happy Monday, everyone! Kris here today, and I’m going to describe a common ailment that plagues many gamers, such as myself, in the world:
Player One Syndrome.
Player One Syndrome affects many a-gamer. It’s what happens when one is too used to being first player when playing video games. Some of the tell-tale signs of having Player One Syndrome include:

  • You’re used to always picking the levels of the games you play with others.
  • Exploring is second-nature to you — you always want to see what the whole game world has to offer.
  • Treasure and money sometimes can be a problem for you, usually because you are too busy exploring to remember to earn said money.
  • When it comes to gaining experience in a game, yours is probably among the highest.
  • You never run from a fight. In fact, you usually charge right in and are one of the most skilled when it comes to video game battles.
  • You seem to be protective in nature. During boss fights, you’re on the front lines to shield your teammates.
  • You’re generally very knowledgeable about the tips and tricks of the video game worlds.
  • Sometimes you seem to forget that there are others on your team, and you may be baffled when someone else questions your strategies.

Player One Syndrome does not seem to have a cure, but it’s fortunately not a very serious ailment. Those who are affected should continue to have fun playing video games and not worry at all.
Do you have Player One Syndrome? Or perhaps Player Two Syndrome?

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