Rumors of a Mini Nintendo SNES

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone! I… just really want to keep playing video games right now instead of thinking about my day job, haha!
One of the more recent rumors that has popped up in video game news is about Nintendo producing a Mini SNES for the holidays this year. I’m honestly not as excited about the news as I thought I would have been…
So, everyone knows that Nintendo had severely underestimated consumer demand forย the Mini NES, ending up with scalpers making the price skyrocket if you were lucky enough to find one for sale. Recently it was revealed that Nintendo is discontinuing the production of the Mini NES.
I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be at that kind of news. The Mini NES would have been a nice addition to our video game collection, of course, but when we weren’t able to get one right away and saw what scalpers were doing to the little consoles’ prices, we thought better of it. We still have our original NES and the few games that I vaguely remember our older sister playing once in a while. It would have been great for nostalgic purposes, and it was a little disappointing to see Nintendo discontinue them rather than produce more to meet the demand, but we’ve moved on from the news.
Then the rumors of a Mini SNES system came to be. The SNES was the console that I first grew up with, and I have tons of fond memories about the games I’ve played on it. Yet, when I heard that there’s a good chance Nintendo will be producing the Mini SNES, I was fairly indifferent about the news.
I still have my original SNES console along with the games I played. Any of my old favorites that I truly enjoyed playing were downloaded on the Wii’s and Wii U’s Virtual Console. And, while I hope Nintendo would have learned their lesson from the mini NES, will there even be enough of the mini consoles to go around?
Of course, I would love to have a cute compact console filled with some of my favorite games from that era — Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the original Donkey Kong Country trio, Yoshi’s Island, Turtles in Time — but many of them have had their own remakes or, as previously stated, are available on the Virtual Consoles. So, assuming there will be enough stock of the console, should I splurge on the Mini NES?
I suppose we shall see!

What do you think about a Mini SNES being produced? If you could create the perfect game list for the Mini SNES, what games would be on it?

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  1. I love the idea of a Mini SNES! It’s Nintendo’s greatest console and it would unquestionably be a big hit. It’s even hard thinking about a list of games for it because there is a 100% chance something big would be left out, but I would love for it to have Earthbound in it!

    1. Could have guessed Earthbound would be on your list! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like the idea as well, but I think I’m more disillusioned about it due to the fiasco that was the Mini NES with the scalpers and not enough consoles to go around. Here’s hoping that Nintendo will have plenty of Mini SNES consoles!

  2. I was lucky to find a NES Mini a couple of weeks after its launch. I have the Original NES and SNES as well but it would make a nice addition to my collection of Nintendo consoles.

    1. That’s great! I hope you’re enjoying the Mini NES. We’re thinking, if we get the opportunity and we’re not saving up for something else, we may splurge if we find a reasonably-priced Mini NES. I’m sure it’s a great collectible.

  3. Like you, I grew up with the SNES. I think I was 5 when I got one. I think the only reason I would buy the Mini is because of the exclusivity, and because I’d love to take money out of a scalper’s hand while also adding to my collection. Most games that would be included, I already own, so it wouldn’t even necessarily be to play them. Although, Mega Man and Castlevania are two games I never owned when I was a kid, so playing them now would be pretty sweet!
    Also, the biggest reason for me is that the system is optimized to play on an HD resolution, which is a huge issue if you’ve ever tried playing a non-HD console on a huge HD tv… it looks terrible!

    1. Spiting scalpers sounds like a PERFECT reason to get a Mini SNES, haha! Resolution is definitely important — it would due to have a system that looks awful when you’re playing it! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of games they would have on the Mini SNES. The list of games may be the tipping point that will fully convince me that I need a Mini SNES, so I’m looking forward to an official list.

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