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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy December! This year went by quickly…
Today, in the spirit of Pokemon Sun and Moon, I’m going to tell you all a story about a certain someone wanting shiny Pokemon because they’re rare and really cool.
This story is about me… if you couldn’t tell.
When Pokemon Sapphire came out way back in 2002 for Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance, I played it as soon as I got my hands on a copy.
I remember I was at my Uncle’s house when I started the game. Back in the old days, an NPC had to teach you how to catch Pokemon before you could get any Pokeballs. Yet, you had to play through some of the story before any of that could happen.
I was on the first route of the game, it was just me and my Torchic, when I ran across a Poochyena. It sparkled and had a funky color and me, being only nine-years-old at the time, had no idea what that meant. I asked Kris and she gasped saying I had run into a shiny Pokemon.
“They’re rare and unique, catch it!” she had told me.
I slumped down in my chair disappointed. Well, I would have caught it if I had Pokeballs in the game, but I wasn’t at that point yet. I was stuck.
I stared at that battle screen for a long time before I finally realized I was wasting my gameplay time and my battery. I defeated the shiny Poochyena with a heavy heart and forced myself to move on.
I never forgot that time, especially when Pokemon Alpha Sapphire came out in 2014, 12 years later, for Nintendo’s 3DS. I remember saying to Kris, “Remember that time…?” Well, guess what?
The. Exact. Same. Thing. Happened.
Torchic and I ran into a shiny Poochyena on the same route around the same time in the game with no Pokeballs. I was pretty upset, to say the least. I wasn’t as heart-broken as I was when I was a kid and I defeated the Poochyena right away instead of staring at it for an hour, but I was still disappointed.
The encounter rate of shiny Pokemon differs from game to game. I’m not entirely sure what it was for Sapphire and Alpha Sapphire, but the chances increased in X and Y and supposedly the chances in Sun and Moon are about one in every 4,000 or so.
Shiny Pokemon Carbink So, you could imagine my excitement when I accidentally came across a shiny Carbink this past weekend.
I had the volume off and wasn’t paying attention to the opening battle sequence since my Dad had the TV on, so I almost defeated it. If it didn’t call for help, I never would have known.
When its help came, I noticed the color difference. I assumed it was a gender thing because some Pokemon have those slight differences. Then I noticed Carbink doesn’t have a gender. So, I looked up its shiny form on Serebii and then proceeded to freak out.
I had to hand my game over to Kris because both Carbink had made two of my Pokemon faint already. I didn’t have anything strong enough against it. My sister was able to defeat its help and capture the shiny one with a nest ball.
I have three shiny Pokemon in my X game, but those all came from a hunt. Carbink is my very first captured shiny that I didn’t try to get.
Shiny Pokemon Diglett Now, the odds are about one in 4,000, so when I came across a shiny Diglett about an hour later, I nearly leaped out of my seat.
Okay, I did leap out of my seat.
I was able to easily tell Diglett was shiny because he was bright red as opposed to his subtle tan. I caught him no problem and then did another happy dance.
I still want a shiny Poochyena, but I think those two random encounters definitely makes up for Sapphire and Alpha Sapphire’s prank.
Have you ever encountered shiny Pokemon by accident or do you always hunt for them? How do you feel when you find a shiny? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Congratulations on the new shiny Carbink! And also congrats on not one, but two Poochyena encounters, even if you could only get the second one! My first shiny was a Magneton in Platinum, and I have kept him unevolved since. I have gotten others like Togepi and Diglett since, but my most tense encounter was against a golden Kricketune during the Bug-Catching Contest in Heart Gold. In the contest, you have limited balls and I believe the Pokemon can run away, so I got really lucky catching the Kricketune!

    • I never got a Poochyena. 🙁 I encountered both before I “learned” how to catch Pokemon. Both were sad days, lol.
      Ah, that’s cool! It sounds like you’ve had your fair share of shiny experience. I have a few other shiny Pokemon, but that’s before I actually hunted for them. I’m not so lucky when it comes to finding them in the wild.

      • Aw oh no! Haha, sorry, for some reason, I misread “defeated” as “captured” in my revisionist history of your shiny encounter. I wish I were luckier with shinies. I don’t usually actively hunt for them, so I’m happy with any shiny I get!

        • I don’t usually hunt for them either, but last year I was out sick from work for a whole week. I spent the entire time playing Pokemon X and I had already done everything else in the game. In that time and all that hunting, I only got 3 shiny Pokemon, lol.

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