Should I Get My Own Nintendo Switch?

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This week has flown by and I was a day off all week. Hence, why this post is late because I thought it was Friday and I didn’t schedule anything because… reasons.
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The Nintendo Switch came out in March of 2017 and it was a whirlwind. It took all the gaming stores and Amazon by storm and everyone was doing everything they could to get their hands on one – Kris and I included.
We weren’t able to get the Switch until a month and a half later than its release because it was nowhere to be found. Well, not unless we bought a brand new one from eBay for triple the price.
It’s been almost a year and a half since the Switch came out and there are games for it up the wazoo. Nintendo has a great lineup of games coming for the rest of 2018 and I can’t wait for most of them.
Though there is a slight problem. When Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! come out, we only have one Switch. Usually, Kris and I will get a copy of each game and we’ll play it on our own, but together so we can experience it all together. Sure, one of us can play on the Switch while the other watches, but we’re not going to be able to start our own journeys together.
Yes, there’s co-op for these new games, but it doesn’t seem like you can take one file from the Switch and bring it over to the next. The second player is just aiding the first player on their own journey with their own Pokemon. At least, that’s what it seems like for right now.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember where or when I saw this, but Reggie said in an interview at one point fairly recently that Nintendo’s goal is to have a Nintendo Switch per person in every home. So, despite the Switch being all about co-op and sharing, it sounds like they’re going to make games where, if you want to play together, you need your own Switch.
The thing is, I don’t know if I want my own Switch. Kris and I each have our own accounts and friend codes. We have a ton of games on the Switch we have now. Most of them are digital downloads so if I wanted to play a certain game, I’d have to use her Switch anyway. If I got my own Switch, I’d be starting from scratch.
And don’t even get me started about the money of it all.
So, yeah. I’m not sure if I should get my own Switch down the line. If I do, it won’t be for a long time. But then it’ll be disappointing not to play certain one-player games with Kris.

What do you think about this? Would it be worth it for me to get my own console? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Personally, I don’t think it would be worth you buying a new console just so you can play together. If there was a way you could share digital games with each other, then maybe… But if you’ll have to start you collection again then it’s basically dead money.
    I had similar thoughts about buying a PS4 specifically to play Persona 5 as I know it will never be ported to PC. In the end I decided it would be a huge waste of money as I would only use the console for one game, and buy everything else on PC anyway. It’s a shame I’ll miss out, but without parting with £300, there’s not much I can do about it.

    1. Right, that’s what I’m thinking. I’ll just miss that part of gaming with my sister. We always start our Pokemon games together and now we’d have to do it separately and share the Switch. Not the end of the world, but still.

  2. This is a tough one! If you two play nice together (and it seems like you do) then there’s no reason for another Switch. But if you want to play this and Kris wants to play that then you may want to look at getting another one. I would try to get it without the dock if you are looking to get another one.

    1. We always start our Pokemon games together and play beside each other going through the game for the first time together. We can watch each other play no problem, but we like to experience it together, if that makes sense. I just feel the money wouldn’t be worth it.

  3. Pokemon is the exact reason I am looking in to getting a second Switch for the house. The digital library issue is a problem and Nintendo is the worst of the platformer holders in dealing with that issue (one of the reasons I buy most of my Switch games physically if they are available) but to me the benefit of being able to play Pokemon while my son is playing the other version at the same time is enough for me. Now to find $300 to fascilitate this endeavor.

  4. An interesting dilemma! I’m afraid I have no good advice. My wife literally just ordered one for us so it’ll be interesting to see how things go for us 🙂

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