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Double Jump Kris MiiIt seems to be officially summer where I’m from, and the heat is not my friend, haha! I much prefer to chill out in front of the air conditioner with a book or a nice video game.
Yet, with the summer inevitably comes talk of vacations, like popular theme parks. Within the next few years, Nintendo is setting up their own!
Last December, I had written up a post about the news of Nintendo creating theme parks for Universal Studios in Hollywood, Orlando, and Japan. By the sounds of it, Japan’s park is going to be underway soon enough for them to put out a trailer out about it. Check it out:

While the trailer itself is mostly animation, it does give a good idea as to what the layout of the park could look like.
Mario-focused areas seem to be the majority of the park, but I’m hoping there will be certain sections for other Nintendo franchises, especially Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. I’d love to wander around a Hyrule Field hub, perhaps find a Lon Lon Ranch area with pony rides. And, while I’m not the biggest fan of 3D games or movies, I can see a Pokemon Safari Zone game utilizing 3D for customers to “catch” Pokemon in first-person.
Either way, I’m totally excited for this project and to see how Super Nintendo World grows in the next few years!

Interested in Super Nintendo World? What kind of attractions are you hoping to see there?

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  1. I’ve been excited for this since they first announced it. I’m not big on the heat either but I’ll make a trip to Orlando for this and the new Disney Star Wars park.

  2. I’ve always dreamed of a place like this, and I’m absolutely going as soon as they open! I’m so excited for Super Nintendo World! I can’t imagine yet what rides there’ll be, but I’m also a fan of just walking around and checking out the decorations, similarly to when I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, also at Universal.

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