Friday Favorites: 1-2 Switch Games

Happy Friday, everyone! Going off of Rachel’s last Top Tuesday, I thought I would share the few 1-2 Switch mini games that I do not mind. Granted, 1-2 Switch is not a game that I play on a regular basis, but the few times Rachel can persuade me to turn it on, there are some […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite 1-2 Switch Games

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been playing a lot of the Nintendo Switch lately. One .game that I find bizarre, but surprisingly have a good time playing, is 1-2 Switch. I’ve only played the game with my sister and my cousin, but there have been a few games we’ve played over and over again. 5. Soda Shake […]

1-2 Switch Game Review

Title: 1-2 Switch Company: Nintendo Console:Nintendo Switch Release Date:March 3, 2017 How we got the game:We bought it. 1-2 Switch was probably one the games that we were most iffy about when it appeared in the lineup launch for the new Nintendo Switch. It definitely looked interesting enough to try, along with the technology that […]