Thank You!

It’s around Thanksgiving time here in the United States, and we thought it a perfect time to give our own round of thanks. Thank you to the gaming community we’ve encountered. We’ve been playing video games since we could hold controllers and, while we’ve been lucky to have each other as a gaming buddy, it’s […]

Talking About Gaming In Real Life

Playing video games isn’t the reclusive, living-in-your-parents-basement kind of activity as they used to be. Nowadays, video games are getting the kind of attention they deserve, with many celebrating their technology, art, music, and stories. Playing video games is more social than it ever has before with online capabilities. Yet, there still seems to be […]

Switch Week: Back in my Day…

I have personally been playing video games since I was old enough to pick up a controller and read on my own. Before then, I had watched my father, uncles and, occasionally, my older sister play games. While I’ve played games on the NES, the first console I have concrete memories of is the SNES. […]