Digital Board Games

Back in September, I believe, we started doing a board or card game review here and there on the blog to include different types of games to expand our collections. Now that we actually play physical board games, more and more digital versions of board games seem to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. I […]

The Digital Age

Happy July, everyone! Recent news about game stores and physical games have made me come to a realization, one that I’m a bit bemused by… Fairly recently, I read a couple of stories about how GameStop is in buyout talks and physical copies of Fortnite are being sold for hundreds of dollars, and it made […]

Pokemon Art Academy Review

Hello everyone! Being Pokemon month, Rachel and I decided to play through some of the Pokemon side games that we haven’t picked up in a while. The one I chose was Pokemon Art Academy for the 3DS, a game that I nearly forgot existed. Title: Pokemon Art Academy Company: Headstrong Games,¬†Nintendo Release Date:¬†October 24, 2014 […]

Why I Love Digital Downloads

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been playing a lot of Nintendo 3DS games lately and it got me thinking about just what I have on my 3DS. When the virtual console became a thing, I was impressed. I was excited. I wanted to play older games on my newer consoles. I mean, when we tried hooking up […]