Pokemon Blue

Part one of my journey is complete! I challenged myself to play through all the Pokemon regions before Sun and Moon come out in November. I played Pokemon Blue, starting at the very roots of the series. I have officially made it through the Kanto region. Title: Pokemon Blue Company: Nintendo Console: Gameboy How I got the game: I […]

Friday Favorites: GameBoy Advance Games

Yay for Friday! I hope everyone’s week went well! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite old games, ones that were for the GameBoy Advance system. That handheld console turned 15 years old this year! 5. Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town This was my first foray into the Harvest Moon franchise, and I adored […]

Flashback Friday: Harvest Moon

 Hey everyone, Kris here! This month’s Flashback Friday celebrates the Harvest Moon franchise, a series that dates back twenty years. It is now known as Story of Seasons rather than Harvest Moon due to copyrights and publishers and such, but it’s still Harvest Moon to me. It’s a simulation game that revolves around reviving a […]