Japan's Pokemon Cafe

I totally wanna go here! I recently heard of a certain cafe that just recently opened in Japan, dedicated to a certain franchise… Pokemon! Japan tends to have some cool-themed cafes, and the latest one to join the craze is the Pokemon Cafe. The pictures of the place look clean and fun, with plenty of […]

Mario Kart in Virtual Reality

Mario Kart is such a classic franchise, spanning from the Super Nintendo Entertainment all the way to the Switch port. The rosters have evolved from simply choosing between eight characters to deciding the driver, the kart, the wheels, the glider. Now there seems to be another way to play the game… There is a virtual […]

Localization Woes

Being a video gamer in the west, we tend to get major releases a little while after Japan. However, there are plenty of games that disappointingly have never made it over to us from Japan. A couple of these games that we would really like to play are a few of the Ace Attorney spin-off […]