Friday Favorites: Super Mario 64 Worlds

Happy Friday everyone! Last week, I talked about my least favorite worlds from Super Mario 64. While the game is not my favorite from the Nintendo 64 era, there is no denying how much it defined the face of video games! Cool, Cool Mountain I enjoy snowy worlds. I think they’re generally really pretty to […]

Friday Favorites: Fire Levels

Hey, it’s June! A little while ago, I did a Friday Favorites dedicated to video game levels that reminded me of or were set in winter. To celebrate the coming warmer months, this time around my Friday Favorites post is dedicated to summery or hot levels. Cinnabar Island from Pokemon In the Kanto region of […]

Friday (Least) Favorites: Super Smash Bros Stages

Happy Friday, everyone! The Internet nearly lost its mind when Nintendo announced Smash 5 for the Switch recently. Since then, there’s been plenty of speculation¬†about characters, stages, and assist trophies that will be in the next installment of the series. This is a list of stages that I will be happy not to see again. […]

Friday Favorites: Super Smash Bros Stages

Anyone have any good plans for the weekend? There are so many new video games that Rachel and I have to try out and play, along with some old favorites from our SNES Classic. With that said, there are definitely some games we’re missing right now, like the Super Smash Bros. series. Can’t wait until […]