Life with Pets [Board Game Review]

The board game Life was a staple in our childhoods. While I don’t remember playing it as often as Monopoly or Clue, it was a fun game with the spinning wheel and the random “life” events as you traversed the board. We recently found a slightly updated version of the game that includes pets. Yes, […]

For The Sake Of Game Reviews

2019 has been funny so far. We reviewed a handful of games on the blog in 2016, when Double Jump first started. We reviewed more in 2017. We reviewed even more in 2018. We would love to review even more games in 2019. However, that hasn’t been the case. We’ve barely kept up with out […]

Favorite Board Games Growing Up [Top Tuesday]

Happy Tuesday! Since we’ve started doing more board game reviews, I decided to talk about some oldies that I used to love growing up. 5. Scrabble For being a writer, I was never good at this game. I wasn’t great at trying to make words out of only seven random letters and placing them strategically […]