Top Tuesday: Favorite Mario Sports Games

Happy Tuesday! Sports games aren’t necessarily something I’m into. Though with some hype (and not so much hype) of Mario Tennis Aces, I thought I’d talk about some of the Mario sports games I have played. I’ll be honest, I had to look up a list of Mario sports games. As it turns out, I’ve […]

Mario Party Star Rush Game Review

Title: Mario Party Star Rush Company: Nintendo  Console: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: November 2016 How we got the game: I got it as a gift The Main Game I’d like to say that this game plays like the other Mario Party games, but it doesn’t. You and your opponents all move during the same turn, but not in […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite Mario Party Star Rush Modes

Happy Tuesday! Since I just recently “finished” Mario Party Star Rush, I thought I’d talk about the modes I enjoyed playing!   5. Rhythm Recital This game is exactly what it sounds like. You choose a character, pick an instrument, pick a song, and then you play the song in a Guitar Hero type way. Except, […]

Old School Black and White

Happy Thursday and happy September! A few of our favorite YouTubers have been playing Mario Party a lot lately. Mario Party is one of my favorite game series. Kris and I play it every so often. But we always play the newer games because they’re updated and easier to put on… With the exception of […]