Top 5 Nintendo Direct Announcements

The Nintendo Direct on February 17th was, in my opinion, decent. Were there announcements that I wished to see? Of course. Unless Nintendo calls to ask me what they should talk about, I do my best not to be so expectant of certain announcements that I leave a Nintendo Direct disappointed enough to be upset. […]

Friday (Least) Favorites: Miitopia Jobs

Happy Friday, everyone! Miitopia is an awesome game, one that I’ve recently returned to just for the fun of it. Playing with all the jobs in the game, there are a few that I’ve found were not my favorites… These are my least favorite jobs in Miitopia. Flower I suppose the game gets points for […]

Friday Favorites: 2017 Games

Only a few more weeks until Christmas! Amid everything happening in life, we’ve played quite a few awesome games that came out this year. This week, I’m celebrating some of my favorites that I’ve played! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Alrightie, so this was more or less an improved version of a game that has been […]

Miitopia Game Review

Title: Miitopia Company: Nintendo Console: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: July 2017  How we got the game:We downloaded it onto our own Nintendo New 2DS XLs.  Holy crap, this game is adorable! Designed to let you create whatever characters you want from Nintendo Miis and thrust them into classic and not-so-classic RPG roles on a fun adventure, Miitopia […]

Miitopia Adventures

Kris and Rachel have been having a grand time in their Miitopia adventures! For fun, we’d thought we’d share some of the screenshots that we’ve taken of our little miis’ journeys. These screenshots are mostly from the first part of the game with our first parties. Aside from each other, Rachel and Kris created the […]

Friday Favorites: Miitopia Jobs

Happy Friday and September! Give a shout-out to Rachel since today is her birthday! Aside from Pokemon, one of the main games Rachel and I have been playing through is Miitopia. We’re having tons of fun with this game, especially when it comes to the personalities and the jobs! Below are the jobs that I’ve […]