Dog Town: Pet Simulation Game [Mobile Game Review]

Happy Thursday! I played another mobile game and it was… this. I started playing this game because I enjoy pet simulations. Who doesn’t want a virtual dog or cat or fish? We all had Tomogachi growing up… right? We all walked with our Pokemon inside the Pokewalker (and now the Pokeball Plus). There was Nintendogs, […]

DragonVale World [Mobile Game Review]

Happy Thursday! Time for another mobile game review. We’re playing with more dragons. Here we go! I’ve talked about Dragonvale quite a bit on this blog. It’s a game from Backflip Studios, the first game I had ever downloaded on my iPad… well, iPod at the time. It was a fun game, one I enjoyed […]

Video Game Tycoon [Mobile Game Review]

Happy Thursday! I played another mobile game. Video Game Tycoon. This is a game that exists. I don’t have much to say about this game, but I bet this post will be a decent length. I enjoy simulation games and I loved my time with Game Dev Tycoon on Steam. For whatever reason I looked […]

Winter iPad Games [Mini Mobile Reviews]

Happy Thursday! I’ve been doing mobile reviews on this blog for about a year now and I decided to do something a little different this month. I went onto the app store on my iPad and looked up winter-themed games. I only picked out four to play this time, but I’m sure I’ll have more […]

Pokemon Masters [Mobile Game Review]

Happy Thursday! Pokemon Masters is one of the latest mobile games that Nintendo released. They had been hyping it up for a while and when it released at the end of August, it didn’t disappoint. I’ll admit – I didn’t get what Pokemon Masters was all about until I started playing it. I saw Pokemon’s […]

Pokemon Masters [First Thoughts]

Pokemon Masters was released at the end of August and we finally got a chance to open the app up and give it a try. At first glance, it wasn’t bad, with decent graphics, some partial voice-acting — even if, so far, some of the characters are a little too cutesy — and a simple […]

Pokemon Rumble Rush [Mobile Game Review]

Happy Thursday! Pokemon Rumble Rush is part of the Pokemon Rumble series. It came out for mobile in May 2019 and I was super excited for it – before promptly forgetting it existed… better late than never, right? I have played and enjoyed all the Pokemon Rumble games in the series. I’ve always wanted a […]

Dr. Mario World [Mobile Game Review]

Happy Thursday! Dr. Mario World surprised us all when it came out a day early than it was supposed to! I’m glad it did too because it gave me a nice chunk of time to give it the attention it deserves. I have to admit, Dr. Mario World isn’t at all what I expected it […]