Google's Project Stream

Happy Monday everyone! While every gamer has their favorite console, PC games and services that help to stream the games to computers have always been a contender in the “console wars” as well. Google is joining the streaming field with a little thing called Project Stream. It aims to be able to successfully run any […]

First Impressions: Hogwarts Mystery

I always adored the Harry Potter series growing up — they were a stable of my childhood. Even now, I enjoy rereading a book or two of the series every so often. When Pottermore came out, I was excited to take the quizzes detailing my Hogwarts house and wand, as well as my patronus and […]

First Look: Fire Emblem Heroes

Another Monday, another week… What kinds of games are you playing this week to help get through the days? Perhaps a new mobile game…? This past Thursday, Nintendo released a new mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. Much like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes proves to be a popular hit. While I […]

An Abundance of Fire Emblem

Happy Monday everyone!┬áThere are so many good games that have been announced for this year, both brand new and from beloved franchises alike. Recently a few new Fire Emblem games have been announced and, as a big fan of the franchise, I’m wicked excited! The Fire Emblem franchise has been around since 1990 in Japan […]

Friday Favorites: Mobile Games

Another week down, one more full week to go in October! Mobile gaming has definitely spiked recently, with all sorts of genres being played right at the tips of your fingers. From Angry Birds to Pokemon GO, there’s tons of downloadable games that you can spend your money on (even if the base game itself […]

Why I Have Not Downloaded Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a mobile Pokemon game where you get off your butt and run around the neighborhood/city/country in order to find and capture Pokemon in the “real world.” It’s become somewhat of a phenomenon overnight, but I still hesitate to try it…   Rachel and I are definitely Pokemon fanatics. I personally have been […]