First Impressions: Free Guy Trailer

Happy Monday, everyone! We only have about two weeks left before Christmas! I hope everyone is doing well and are excited about looking into the future. This post is about something that is coming out next July, so that counts, right? Video games is such a popular medium, has been for decades. Movies based on […]

WTF Friday: Video Game Movies

Happy Friday everyone! One of the types of reviews Rachel and I like to do are movies or television shows, most that have to do with video game-related themes. Lately, I’ve been hearing about a few more that are or will be in production… There have been a handful of movies throughout the years that […]

Clue Movie [Review]

The Clue movie is based off of the board game of the same name, throwing people from all sorts of different backgrounds into a mansion where each of them are suspected of murder. Despite the killings, the movie itself is comedic and it’s a fun film to watch no matter how many times you’ve seen […]

Donkey Kong And The Legend Of The Crystal Coconut [Movie Review]

So about twenty years ago, there was a certain cartoon that was based off of the Donkey Kong video game franchise. It was originally a Canadian/French cartoon that was later released in the United States. It’s amusing to me that this cartoon came out around the same time as the Pokemon franchise and comparing how […]

Ace Attorney Anime [Episodes 1-4]

Ace Attorney is one of our favorite video game franchises, with the original trilogy being some of the best games. And, while neither Rachel nor I were ever really into anime except for Pokemon, we were both interested in hearing that Ace Attorney got its own anime series. It’s been a long time coming, but […]

Ready Player One Trailer

Happy Monday! What are you most looking forward to next year? Can you believe that Christmas is in a week? I’m not sure if I’m ready! I hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays! A long time ago on this blog, I did a book review for Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. I had heard […]

Friday Favorites: Pokemon Movies

Pokemon: I Choose You is a movie special that came out in for limited theater times in the US to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Pokemon anime. It’s a loose retelling of the Kanto saga with plenty of references to the newest generation of Pokemon from the Alola region. While we have not gotten […]

Batman and Harley Quinn

The last few days of May… Where is 2017 going? I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day this week! Amid video games and comic books, please enjoy some time with your family and good friends.   This summer, there is a new direct-to-video animated Batman movie slated to be released. I grew up watching […]

Professor Layton & the Eternal Diva

Last week, I did a post regarding Nintendo thinking of making movies with their beloved mascots. There are already some movies and television shows starring video game characters, such as Professor Layton, whom we spoke about back in February. Professor Layton is a series of mystery puzzle-solving games by Level-5. They’re fun and challenging and […]