New Level Designs Are Coming For The Legend Of Zelda [Gaming News]

Happy Tuesday! So I was scrolling through My Nintendo News yesterday and I came across something interesting. Something I’d totally apply for if I had the skills or knew the JApanese language… Apparently, Nintendo has put out an add for a new level designer for the next Legend of Zelda game. I know different people work […]

Gaming Is For Everyone

Happy Thursday! Some people think of video games and also think of “lazy” in the same sentence. We know that’s not the case. Video games are actually a lot more important that most people seem to think.   I read recently on My Nintendo News that a 5th grader from Japan sent fan mail to […]

Of the Original 3DS

Happy Monday — everyone ready for another week? We had a pretty good weekend, spending most of Saturday just relaxing and playing video games during the rainy day. While we’ve been playing most games on our Switch nowadays, there’s still plenty of games that we’re playing on our 3DS systems. In a recent My Nintendo […]