Dr. Mario [Video Game Review]

Title: Dr. Mario Developer: Nintendo, Nintendo Research & Development 1 Publisher: Nintendo Platform: NES Category: Puzzle Release Date: July 27, 1990 How we got the game: We got it on the NES Classic       Dr. Mario is one of those games that I have missed over the years. We had never owned it […]

The Legend Of Zelda [Game Review]

Title: The Legend of Zelda Developer: Nintendo Research & Development 4 Publisher: Nintendo Platform: NES Category: Action, Adventure Release Date: February 21, 1986 How we got the game: We have it on the NES Classic The original Legend of Zelda video game came out a few years before I existed. Having a chance to play […]

Punch-Out! [Game Review]

Title: Punch-Out! Developer: Nintendo R&D3 Publisher: Nintendo Platform: NES Category: Sports, Fighting Release Date: February 1984 How we got the game: We got it on the NES Classic This is one of those random games that we’ve heard about but were just a tad too young to actually get the chance to play on its original console. With Little Mac appearing […]

NES Classic Console Review

Hey, we finally got an NES Classic! I’ll admit, it wasn’t really on my radar after there wasn’t enough stock to go around the first time they were released, mostly because they were games I didn’t remember too well. Yet, when we got the chance, we were lucky enough to get one during the second […]

The Return of the NES Classic

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! We had a pretty chill weekend, with Rachel and me going out of town with a friend. Filled with movies, books, and video games, we had a good time. We went to a place that Rachel and I have been going with the family […]