Throwback Thursday: My First Time Playing Luigi's Mansion

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With the announcement of Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Nintendo Switch as well as the new co-op mode for the original Luigi’s Mansion remake, I got to thinking back to the first time I played Luigi’s Mansion.
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Luigi has always been one of my favorites (no offense, Mario), so when I heard Nintendo was making a game just for Luigi, I was stoked. I assume I got the Gamecube game for Christmas or something shortly after it came out. But I never finished it.
I got to the first boss, Baby Chauncey, and once I beat him, I stopped playing. I got stuck.
Yep. I got stuck in Luigi’s Mansion.
I had no idea where to go after that even though the same lays it out for you and it’s fairly obvious. I think I caught a few more ghosts but couldn’t find where to go after that. I don’t think I had a key or a certain item I needed. I’m pretty sure I missed a step somewhere and never realized it.
It was quite a while later when I decided to finally go back and play the game. I believe it was when Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon was announced. I had wanted to get and play the game so bad but I realized I never even beat the first one.
I remember sitting in the basement with the large screen TV playing the game. I got spooked by the ghosts, especially being in the basement, because I’m a child, but I did it. I played through the whole game. I also remember thinking to myself, “How did I get stuck on this game?” So, yeah, I don’t know what I did the first time I tried playing it. I screwed up somewhere.
I’m glad I went back to it and beat it though. Then I got Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. I played through that, got stuck on the final boss, and then stopped playing it for about a year or so. It was when my cousin, who’s about nine years younger than me, got to the final boss on her copy of the game. My competitiveness came out and I didn’t want her to beat the game before me. We spent a week away on summer vacation each playing our games. I beat the game before her, but it still took her a lot less tries to beat it than it took me.
I’m a good gamer, that’s all there is to it.
We’ll see how Luigi’s Mansion 3 is for the Switch!

Have you had any experiences like this with a game? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. There are quite a few RPGs on which I gave up finishing when I was younger only to return to them a few years later and finally get to the end. Chrono Trigger, Paper Mario 2, and Super Mario RPG are some that qualify.

    1. It’s surprisingly easy to let go of a game for so long. Paper Mario 2 was one of those games for me as well. I absolutely loved it and Paper Mario is my all-time favorite game. However, it was close to the original but I think I wanted the original again, lol. I loved the new characters but missed the old ones. Now the Paper Mario series is kind of… off, lol.

          1. I got stuck. I can’t remember where exactly, but I could not beat a boss. It’s quite funny considering Super Mario RPG is not that hard of a game, but back then I had a lot of trouble beating games of the genre.
            With Paper Mario 2 I had the same problem, but in the case of that game I remember where I got stuck: I couldn’t beat the final boss. A few months after that I went back to the game and started it all from scratch. Only then was I able to finish it.

          2. That’s fair. It’s why I stopped Luigi’s Mansion and Dark Moon for a while. I got stuck. And no, Mario RPG and Paper Mario are not difficult, but they can be hard. If you’re not at a high enough level or something, you’re kind of screwed.

    1. Wow! Honestly, I’m not sure if we’ve ever beaten the game either. We played it on the NES Classic and kept dying, lol. I was young when the game first came out so I don’t remember too much of it from back then.

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