Top Tuesday: Johto Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpNow that I gone through the Kanto region, I’m currently going through the Johto region.
Last month, I told you guys my favorite Kanto Pokemon.
Here are my favorite Johto Pokemon.
5. Wooper
Wooper is adorable. End of story.
4. Houndour
A fire puppy? Yes, please.
3. Mareep
Who doesn’t want a sheep that can create static electricity?
2. Unown
I love the variety of Unown and how they represent the alphabet. It’s fun to put them together and try to read what they say. I also enjoy trying to collect all 28 of them in the game.
1. Cyndaquil
Cyndaquil is very cute and I think he’s a pretty powerful Pokemon, especially when he evolves all the way.

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  1. Cyndaquil was always my favorite starter from that generation as well! The Unown are very interesting. I like how they tied it in to the alphabet, just so they could spell out things in Unown language from now on haha.
    5. Entei – Entei was always my favorite between the three beasts. I’m glad it got a great movie to itself. It’s so majestic.
    4. Pichu – I have a weak spot for the cute Pikachu-like Pokemon. Pichu is actually a baby Pikachu, so it’s technically related. It’s really cute though, and I may have a few plushies of it. The Pichu with the notch-ears is really adorable as well.
    3. Scizor – Scyther was cool. It was a bug with blades for arms. Scizor is like a red metal Scyther, and it couldn’t be cooler.. Well, actually they made it cooler with a Mega evolution this generation. I proudly use a Scizor in one of my competitive teams.
    2. Wobbuffet – This guy is just plain goofy. I love the way it always comes out of Jessie’s Pokeball in the anime. It’s also a great competitive Pokemon because of his ability to counter back attacks. It’s even banned in the unofficial metagame because it’s so powerful. The female one wears lipstick too! Wobbuffet is just too hilarious.
    1. Ho-oh – I love Ho-oh. I enjoyed seeing him in the first episode of the anime, and I picked Gold version just to get him earlier. It’s a beautiful rainbow winged bird. What’s not to love?

    • The fire starters are always my favorite, lol.
      Also, Ho-oh is a beast! He’s great. I love Lugia too.

      • I love Lugia too, but I’ve always been more of a Ho-oh fan, given the choice. I used to predominantly choose fire starters, but the water starters have been more enticing in recent generations. Though I’m going with Rowlet next gen!

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