Top Tuesday: Twilight Princess Items

Rachel Mii Double JumpKris and I have been playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess recently.
We finally opened out Wii U HD version of the game not too long ago!
I forgot most of the game, so I thought I would talk about my favorite items from the game.
5. Spinner
This item is pretty cool and unique. I like the fact that Link is able to latch onto places he couldn’t normally get to without it. Though it can be hard to control at times.
4. Gale Boomerang
This is one of the first items you get in the game and while it can be a little hard to control, I think the design of it is pretty. I think it’s pretty cool how they made a boomerang look like a wing. And it makes a mini tornado. Who can go wrong with that?
3. Ball and Chain
I enjoy this item mostly because it’s something different than the standard slingshot or bow and arrows. It allows Link to attack in a way that he normally doesn’t in the other games.
2. Hero’s Bow
Despite what I just said in number 3, I enjoy the bow and arrows. I like how Link is able to attack from Epona’s back and… well, bow and arrows overall are just cool.
1. Clawshot
I don’t really know why, but I love the clawshot. I love grabbing things and then swinging from them. I think it’s a pretty cool mechanic for Link to get around.
Overall, I like all the items, whether they’re used in all the games or not.
What are your favorite weapons?

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  1. I’ve been busy playing Twilight Princess HD for review as well! And it reminded me how great the items are! Some of them aren’t used much outside of their dungeons, but there are some pretty unique ones. You’ve pretty much got the best choices, but I’ll chime in anyway! Most of my answers are TP-exclusive items.
    3. Ball and Chain – It’s fun to feel powerful! It’s very slow, but it helps you feel the weight of the item while attacking. It’s also somewhat useful outside of the dungeon, although you need a lot of space between you and the enemy.
    2. Spinner – Very underutilized item. I love using it against one of my favorite bosses in the entire Zelda series, the Stallord. That whole boss fight is like a roller coaster! It’s not used much outside of its dungeon, but I thoroughly enjoyed it within the dungeon!
    1. Double Clawshots – The regular clawshot was nice, and when I saw the second clawshot in the City in the Sky, I was very confused… until I played around with it. Seriously, having double clawshots is the equivalent to being Spiderman in the game. The City in the Sky temple is built primarily around letting you be Spiderman. I love it so much! I’m surprised they didn’t bring back a double clawshot mechanic since!

    • I like all the items really. Zelda as a whole is just wonderful, lol. It’s nice to be playing Twilight Princess again though. We haven’t played in a while.

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