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Uno is a classic card game where the object is to get rid of all the cards in your hands while playing by the rules on each card that the other players and yourself put down. Uno Flip is a fun twist on the original game.

A few months ago when we were on a weekend getaway with a friend, we searched the gaming aisle at one of the stores. We picked up a handful of board games and card games to try. Uno Flip was one of them. I love Uno and this particular version has double-sided cards – one side has darker colors and is more unforgiving.

It was a simple enough transition, though. Aside from the usual trap cards — reverse, skip, wild cards — there is an included flip card that signals when everyone should turn their hands around, as well as turning the draw and discard piles over to reflect whether you’re playing the light side or the dark side of the deck. The dark side of the deck still has reverse cards, but it includes a skip everyone card to basically give you an extra turn and a certain wild card that forces the next player to keep drawing until they find a card that is the same color that was called.

Additionally, instead of +2 on the light side, it’s a +1 while the dark-colored side has +5 cards. Having the cards double-sided is another tactic of playing the game. If someone calls Uno and you have a flip card, you can easily check out what that person has on the other side, flipping everyone’s hands, and potentially screwing them over.

Potentially? It happened quite often when we were playing with our family, haha! Other than that, the game followed the typical Uno rules. The additional flip gives it a bit of an extra challenge, allowing the game to not be quite as stale. 

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The flip also makes the game last longer as well – well, in some cases. We have had some rounds that were fairly short. Overall, having the rules remain the same with different cards was a great way to spice up an old classic.

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