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We have a very generous brother-in-law who decided to randomly gift us with a refurbished Xbox One. Not even for Christmas, either. Honestly, we think he just really wants someone else, aside from his friends, to play certain games like Rocket League and Sea of Thieves with, so his solution was to buy them for us, haha! We’re not complaining, though!

Our Xbox 360 crapped out on us a while ago. At the time, we didn’t know whether to buy another 360 or upgrade to the One because of the backwards compatibility. Then the Nintendo Switch was announced. Us being Nintendo girls, we decided that was a priority for us over an Xbox. Now, to our surprise, we have a first generation Xbox One.

We still have about a dozen Xbox 360 games and, sadly, only a few of them are compatible with the Xbox One. It’s something that we’re not too thrilled about with the Xbox family, not after we’ve been spoiled with the two to three Nintendo consoles before the Switch that did have the backwards compatibility. Now the decision to get an Xbox One or another 360 has been made for us!

I think part of me still wants to get another 360 mostly so I can say we own one and to collect them. But I’m happy we can say we own an Xbox One now. A few games that we were going to play through Steam we can now get for our Xbox. We’re eager to try Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Rocket League, and I may or may not try Hello Neighbor.

It’d definitely be nice for the games that can crossplay for whenever we want to play together. We’d rather have the same game for multiple platforms so we can play together when games don’t have simple options for Player One and Player Two.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Now all we really need to do is make a list and start building a library of Xbox games. We’ll have to see what’s out there!

What games should we get for our Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Our 360 — also a refurbished gift — died before we could really play it regularly, unfortunately. We were iffy on whether we wanted to try to get another 360 or just dive into getting the One for a little more gaming variety, but they weren’t a priority seeing as we’re Nintendo girls. Our bro-in-law just made the decision easy for us, haha!
      Glad you’re enjoying the Switch and PS4! 🙂 PS4 is another we should check out, if we ever get extra money to splurge on another console. What are your favorite games on it?

  1. Congrats! I really enjoy my XB1 and even though I have a PS4 and a Switch, it is my main gaming console. This of course mostly comes down to the fact that I have friends in that ecosystem but that is neither here nor there. I’d recommend avoiding PUBG for right now as it is in a very rough state on the XB1, I’m finding it borderline unplayable on the XB1X and I have friends that are saying it is even worse on base model XB1s right now. That said, there are a ton of cool games to try out but I’d have to know what types of games specifically you’d be looking for before I’d want to recommend stuff.

    1. We’re honestly a bit new to the Xbox family, haha! We have PUBG for Steam, so we weren’t looking at that just yet, but we’re hoping that there will eventually be crossplay between the two platforms. The Nintendo consoles are our main gaming platforms, but we’re excited to look through the Xbox One catelogue to see what catches our eye!

  2. That’s AWESOME!!! Congrats on your new Xbox One! I’m still behind and only got an Xbox 360 a year ago. If I were to get an Xbox One, though, I would pick up one game: Rare Replay. I know, it’s backwards because they’re all older games, but I absolutely love Rare’s classics, and having 30 of them on one disc sounds like a dream come true. Enjoy your new console! 😀

      1. I love older games and wish I had more time to play my NES and SNES Classics! I wish I could help you but I’m not too familiar with Xbox One games. I’ve always wanted to play Cuphead if you’re interested in that title.

        1. Which games are your favorites on the NES and SNES classics? We recently got the SNES classic, and we’re trying to go through the games that we never got a chance to play when the original console was out.
          How could I forget about Cuphead?! That will probably be hysterical for Rachel and me to play! We’ll be terrible at it, haha.

          1. Cuphead is the one game I want to play that I don’t have access to right now! I hope you enjoy it if you pick it up!
            As for my favorites:
            All Mario games
            Zelda I and II
            Final Fantasy
            Kirby’s Adventure
            Super Mario World
            Yoshi’s Island
            Zelda: Link to the Past
            Super Metroid
            Donkey Kong Country
            Kirby Super Star
            Final Fantasy III
            Super Mario RPG
            Secret of Mana
            I know that’s most of them, but my top favorites are Super Mario World, Yoshi’ Island, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy, and Earthbound. Most of the games there are great though, seriously. Have fun!!!

          2. I believe Cuphead is on Steam too, yes? I’m not sure if you have a Steam account at all.
            I love your list of favorites! We weren’t able to score a NES classic, unfortunately, which was disappointing. I was just a tad too young for that console — I have vague memories of my older sister and father playing games on it. The SNES was what I grew up with, and I was excited to see so many favorites (Super Mario RPG!) on it.

          3. Ah yes, it is on Steam! I could pick it up on there, though I do wish it were on a console I have.
            Thank you! I also grew up with the SNES, though I didn’t necessarily play the “classics.” I played a bunch of licensed games. Thankfully, even licensed games were good back then, but I missed out on most RPGs and even some action games until VC. The classics I did play when I was younger have become some of my all-time favorites. Super Mario RPG is so fun. Enjoy playing it again!

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