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Hey everyone, Kris and Rachel here! If you’ve noticed, we’ve been away for a little while. Last year, the pandemic made its way over to our neck of the woods and we’ve been healthy — knock on wood — so far, it did wreck our creativity for a bit. Personally, I am considered an essential worker, so my nerves were on high-strung amid the pandemic, and I spent much time just turning to the comforts of movies and, of course, video games.

With that said, we’ve been extremely thankful to all of the other creatives out there who took this time to dive further into their crafts and sharing their works with the world. We knew we wanted to return to writing to help share our love of gaming and took this opportunity to revamp our website. Now, finally, on Double Jump’s 5th birthday, our blog is live again!


It’s kind of strange to be writing in this space again, actually. We’ve been playing video games. We’ve kept in touch with our online gaming friends. We continued to live stream (though that schedule was a bit rough as well). But in terms of writing and blogging, things just fell to the wayside. So, I’m excited to finally get back into Double Jump.

There are so many things we’d love to do for DJ and we had a few new project ideas and some in the works because our creativity dropped. The truth is, I think we burnt ourselves out. Too many ideas and not enough time! Since we went on a bit of an extended, yet unexpected hiatus, we thought our debut back was the perfect time to implement some of these ideas. Better yet, as Kris said, Double Jump turns 5-years-old today, so it’s even better!


Burned ourselves out, yes, but also the world being on fire — quite literally, in some places, at times — didn’t help us at all. I think that’s why we spent more time consuming rather than creating during this time.

However, I am definitely ready to get back into Double Jump. It’s amazing that we’ve had this name for five years now! I honestly didn’t expect it to be this integral to our identity, you know? I’m excited to up our game for Double Jump, starting with this website! What do you think, guys? We bought our own space on the Internet and still have some bugs to squash, but we’re pleased with our website so far.


Yes, Double Jump is now officially self-hosted! This was something that we’ve been toying with a long time and finally decided to go for it. We had some technical difficulties along the way, which is why we actually came back later than we originally planned. Even then, there are still some things we need to go over and update. But we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come back on our 5th anniversary.

Besides, a lot of the things that we still need to work out can be done in time. You’ll just have to pardon the mess a little bit and bear with us for the time being. We haven’t learned our lesson – we still have too many ideas and not enough time.


Due to said technical difficulties, many of our images and links for the posts broke, so we will be meticulously going through our older posts again to fix those. The pages above do have the correct links at the very least, but we still need to edit them cosmetically.

Our blog will also have a slightly different upload schedule than before. Instead of daily posts, we will each have a solo post and then a joint post, as well as a post showing off some of our Twitch streams. We are aiming to one day have daily posts again, but we are trying to schedule our time between some of the many other ideas we have for Double Jump (and life in general, to be honest).


I had expected the links to break. The images, on the other hand… I didn’t think we’d be losing those. To be fair, I had wanted to revamp the images anyway, so I guess this is just giving me a kick in the rear to actually do it now.

Having a smaller upload schedule will give us a chance to go through those images and make sure all the older posts are in working order as they should be. The fewer articles to write means we can focus on older posts… totally makes sense, right?

Anyway, we do hope to bring back our daily schedule again. However, time is not on our side and any content is better than none. This will give us a better opportunity to play around with new ideas and allow us more time to prep articles and such as well.


Aside from having the time to go through old posts, we’re also focusing more on live streaming on our Twitch channel. If you haven’t visited us there yet, we’d be pleased if you did check it out! We tend to stream Nintendo and indie games, as those seem to be our favorites. Last year, our streaming schedule fell to the wayside like our blog, but we’re committed to growing further this year. Right now we stream weekly every Friday evening, usually around 7:00 EST, but we would like to add more days down the road.

Not only do we stream on Twitch, but we also have plenty of friends who stream too. Sometimes we’ll pop in on their streams on the chat and the stream itself! Our channel lists some of our mutual followers on Twitch, so please go and check out them as well.


Yes, please join us on Twitch. It’s a lot of fun! At least, we have fun. A few people do watch us, so I’m assuming it’s a good time for the audience as well. We’ll slowly add more streaming days down the road. We have a lot of new ideas to add to our streaming set up as well as a backlog of games that are waiting to be played!

And yes, what Kris said in terms of our friends streaming. In fact, check out their Twitch channels first. They’re much better than us and more entertaining and consistent.


Aside from here and Twitch, we’re also still around on Twitter. Come join us there to shitpost with us, both on Double Jump’s Twitter and our personal ones. You can also use the nifty contact form on the appropriately named page here on our site.

Please, let us know how you are all doing and what you think of the site. We’re still working on it, of course, and I think it will always be a work in progress. We can always improve, right? We’re looking forward to geeking out with all of you again!


We hope you guys enjoy the new website! And we also hope you guys are excited to see what Double Jump brings to the table this year. We’re excited and looking forward to joining the gaming community again.

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to more fire Double Jump content!

  2. Great to hear from you sistas! Can’t wait to see what you two have in store for 2021.

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