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Hello everyone! With the second release of the NES Classic at the end of June — along with the fact that it outsold the Playstation 4 and Xbox One with its resurgence — we decided that mini Nintendo consoles would be the topic of our latest round of “Would You Rather?” With us for this go-round is our good friend Jett from In Third Person.

Thanks for joining us, Jett! To welcome you, I’ll start off with asking if you would rather have a mini console, doesn’t matter which one, that has every game from its library on it or if you would rather be able to choose your top ten games from the library for a customizable mini console.

Thank you Kris & Rachel for having me! I’m an avid reader of your site and I also love this modern wave of mini consoles, so this is great all-around! Between those two choices, I would have to go with the mini console that has every game from its library. Yes, it would be full of crappy games that I would never play. Yes, it would be a pain to navigate from game-to-game if the console didn’t allow for segmenting the list by favorites. But it would also have all of the games I would want, plus a few rare titles that I would never have access to if I tried to track them down in the aftermarket. I would grin and bear the poor user experience for a mini console with my favourite games, all of the rarities, and filler that I might play for a laugh.

Question for you, Rachel. Would you rather have the existing SNES Classic that has 21 games, or a Sega Genesis equivalent with 30 of the best games in that library? If not, what number of Genesis games would tip the scale?

Ah, that’s an easy one. We’ve never had the Sega Genesis before so I don’t really know what I’m missing and have no attachment to those games. With that said, I’d rather just have the SNES Classic. It’s familiar and honestly, a lot of those games are pretty new to me since I wasn’t even born yet when the SNES was first released in 1991.

Kris, if Nintendo were allowed to make only one more mini console, would you rather have a Nintendo 64 Classic or Gamecube Classic?

That’s a tough one. Those two were great consoles with fantastic games. I think I would go with the Nintendo 64 Classic. While we do have all of our old consoles and games, it’s easier to set up and keep playing our GameCube rather than our older Nintendo 64. Best to keep a bit of history with the Nintendo 64 Classic.

Speaking of older games, Jett, would you prefer to have Nintendo’s Virtual Console back or a mini version of any — Nintendo or otherwise — console?

One of the biggest benefits to the current mini console formatting is that it’s a great value proposition. We get dozens of games for a fraction of the cost of buying them separately. Where they falter is in their game selection. None of these consoles at this point are built with expandability in mind, which ultimately limits their value. Even if it costs more in the end, I would prefer a Virtual Console style infrastructure that would allow players to expand and customize their game library well beyond what’s possible within the current mini console price range.

Rachel, let’s revisit the idea of the Nintendo 64 Classic. The N64 controller is often criticized for its unusual form factor, as well as its flimsy analog stick that quickly grinds into dust, making them less precise over time. If/when Nintendo releases the Nintendo 64 Classic, would you rather it come with the original controller with all of its faults? Or a modified one that addresses the issues relating to form factor and/or durability?

I think I’d want the classic N64 controller. That controller was always hard for me because I have small hands and, let’s be real, how do you hold it? But if they came out with a mini console, the controller would be mini. Plus, I believe it would be better made because there’s a lot more technology and knowledge now. I assume – I would hope – Nintendo would fix those issues with the mini controller.

Kris, if Nintendo had the ability to add updates to the NES and SNES classic consoles, would you rather have them update them with better experiences such as more games, customization for the home screen, and more always working to make them better (and never work on another mini console) – or would you rather leave them alone once they’re out and work on the next mini console?

I think I would want them to update the NES and SNES classics. Those games are the hardest to come by, unless you were able to completely preserve your original console and games, and I imagine that a Virtual Console-like aspect will come with the online subscription service. I’m hoping that more popular games from the N64 and GameCube era will be available with that.

Jett, would you rather enjoy the classic consoles as they are, in all their old-school glory, or be able to equip the classic consoles with online capabilities so you can play with Internet friends rather than just local co-op?

With the consoles already seeing adjustments for modern times, such as the units being mini, the controller ports not being the same, and with HDMI out instead of RF or AV, the mini consoles already stray from their original forms quite a bit. On top of that, we got NES controllers that were authentic in cable length, and those are awful to use in modern times. As such, I’m all for adding online play to those classic games if possible. It’ll greatly extend the lifespan of the console and its games to be able to play with friends at any time, even if the magic of playing together in the same room is lost. Even then, just invite them over!

Rachel, if Nintendo were to release a Game Boy Classic, would you want it to look and function like the original Game Boy in its iconic gray casing and green screen? Or would you want it to look and function like the newer Game Boy Color with its slimmer form-factor and colored screen?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’d love to have the Game Boy. I only have the Game Boy Color and I do love it and still try to use it sometimes. However, I’d love to see what the Game Boy would have been like. Though maybe they could just keep it the same size rather than making a mini version… it’s kind of already on the small side.Kris, speaking of the handhelds, they’re already pretty small with Nintendo creating XL versions. Would you rather have Nintendo create classics of the handhelds such as the Gameboy Advance, SP, and DS, or have them keep coming out with new handhelds, despite the Switch?

I think I would rather Nintendo come out with new handhelds. I use the Switch docked most of the time, and I believe the games for the Advance, SP, and DS aged better than the older consoles. Most of them you can still use with backwards compatibility and many of the favorites are available on the eShop as well. This was a great round of “Would You Rather?” and it brought up some great ideas for the development of the mini consoles. Nintendo, take note! We’re going to wrap it up here, and we want to give another shout out and thank you to Jett for joining us on this post!

Thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure chatting about mini consoles. Fingers crossed that the rumored Nintendo 64 Classic is true and coming soon!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It was a pleasure having you here, Jett. I hope to see a Nintendo 64 Classic in the future as well. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. They need to do something about that N64 controller. The worse in history of all controllers.

  2. It’s a pipe dream, but I really hope a Gamecube Classic comes with the special Phantasy Star Online keyboard controller

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