Game Dev Tycoon Challenge Complete

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At the beginning of March, we posed a challenge for ourselves and each other. Celebrating our love of the simulation genre, we wanted to dive back into Game Dev Tycoon, a game that puts you in the CEO seat of your very own game development company. We finally completed the challenge!

After we both found the time to sit and play the game for a bit, we finally made it to the end. We played separately, each going through 35 years in the game with our respective gaming companies. We wanted to see which company was more successful. Can you guess who won?

I ended up winning, but I may have had a bit of an advantage. I’ve played Game Dev Tycoon a bit more often than Rachel has. I even have the mobile version to play on the go. We each did have the hints unlocked throughout this duration, allowing us that leg up from previous runs we’ve done instead of trying to figure out which aspect of a game was most important for which genre. I wonder how things would have changed had we kept the hints off?

I would have been screwed if we kept the hints off. I had a terrible run this time around. I haven’t played the game as much as you, but I’ve done a few games on it. This was by far my worst time. I went bankrupt once (we set a rule in place that if we went bankrupt three times, we were out) and I spent about five years in-game being bailed out by the bank. By the time I made a decent amount of money, I’d have to repay the bank and then I’d be in the negatives again, having to be bailed out… rinse and repeat.

That always annoyed me with the bailout… I mean, it’s realistic, at the very least, but I feel as if you don’t make a couple of great games — scored 8 or higher — between the bailout and paying back the loan, then it’s just going to be a vicious cycle. I was lucky enough to not have any bailouts or bankruptcies. I had a fairly smooth game, although I did kind of rush at the end. In the last eight or so years, I was able to open up the two labs and I just made the last of my employees specialists before the 35 years was up.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I didn’t get any of that – no AAA games, no labs, never trained my employees high enough to become a specialist in something. Once I started making money, I rolled with it and continued making games and upgrading my game engines. In the end, I was doing really well. If we had gone longer than 35 years, I might have had a chance at beating you (or at least getting closer to your score).

I would have loved to keep going. Maybe if we ever do this in the future, we can opt to do the longer, 42-year run, haha! I didn’t get a chance to make a AAA game or MMORPG, which I would have loved to do. I was able to make a couple of consoles, which helped my score. In the end, I scored 53,188,028. My least profitable game was called Ripple Effect, a Superhero Action game, named after an old superhero novel series I’ve written. My most profitable game was Ace of Spades, the third in a series of Romance Adventure games, of all things.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Honestly, that makes sense for you. I feel like you tend to do well with the genres that you don’t particularly care for. I’m not sure why that is. A lot of my games were pulled out of my rear and I started stronger and totally lagged halfway through before ending on a strong. I still didn’t earn nearly as many points as you though. In the end, my score was 41,253,358. So, I was 11,934,670 points behind you. Good job. My least profitable game was Assassin Wanted. It was an assassin RPG-Adventure game that rated 4, 4, 3, 4, by the four reviewing companies. I have to say – I did awful, but out of this whole run, I never got a 1- or 2-score. My most profitable game was Spice It Up, a cooking casual-simulation game rating 10, 9, 10, 9. It was the sequel to a cooking casual game called Heat It Up which rated 8, 9, 8, 7. So, I improved, which was nice.

Thank you! Improving is always awesome! You did have one last game that you were just about to hit the finish button on right before the game ended. I wonder how your score would have been with that? I didn’t have any major failures, which was nice. I think my lower scores were in the 4 and 5 ranges. I did get one perfect 10 scored game earlier in the run for a Pirate Adventure called Treasure Cove. It ended up having three sequels, but I was never able to recreate the perfect score. That boost helped. This was a fun challenge, though! It was great to go back to Game Dev Tycoon, but I always wish there was more time for the story elements of it.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This was a fun challenge. I think we should definitely have a rematch in the future. In the meantime, we need to figure out our next challenge!

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Uno Flip [Card Game Review]

Card Game Review: Uno Flip | Uno | Card Games | Game Review | Uno Flip Review |

Uno is a classic card game where the object is to get rid of all the cards in your hands while playing by the rules on each card that the other players and yourself put down. Uno Flip is a fun twist on the original game.

A few months ago when we were on a weekend getaway with a friend, we searched the gaming aisle at one of the stores. We picked up a handful of board games and card games to try. Uno Flip was one of them. I love Uno and this particular version has double-sided cards – one side has darker colors and is more unforgiving.

It was a simple enough transition, though. Aside from the usual trap cards — reverse, skip, wild cards — there is an included flip card that signals when everyone should turn their hands around, as well as turning the draw and discard piles over to reflect whether you’re playing the light side or the dark side of the deck. The dark side of the deck still has reverse cards, but it includes a skip everyone card to basically give you an extra turn and a certain wild card that forces the next player to keep drawing until they find a card that is the same color that was called.

Additionally, instead of +2 on the light side, it’s a +1 while the dark-colored side has +5 cards. Having the cards double-sided is another tactic of playing the game. If someone calls Uno and you have a flip card, you can easily check out what that person has on the other side, flipping everyone’s hands, and potentially screwing them over.

Potentially? It happened quite often when we were playing with our family, haha! Other than that, the game followed the typical Uno rules. The additional flip gives it a bit of an extra challenge, allowing the game to not be quite as stale. 

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The flip also makes the game last longer as well – well, in some cases. We have had some rounds that were fairly short. Overall, having the rules remain the same with different cards was a great way to spice up an old classic.

Uno Flip gets a rating of…
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Friday Favorites: Fighting-Type Pokemon

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Considering how some of my favorite types of attacks in Pokemon are more physical than special, it’s a bit of a wonder why I don’t think of Fighting-types more often. Nevertheless, I do have a few favorites!

Pokemon | Video Games | Gaming | Nintendo | Friday |


Probably one of the first Fighting-type Pokemon that I included on one of my main teams, Lucario was a great asset. Perhaps he’s a bit overused, but I enjoyed having the Pokemon on my team.


Gallade’s design is awesome — especially his Mega evolution design — and I enjoy the dual psychic and fighting typing Gallade has. It was a challenge to balance out his attacks to accommodate both types, but I always had fun with both him and my Gardevoir in double battles.


I always pick the grass starter in Pokemon games, and X and Y were no exceptions. Chespin and its evolutions were, probably, the least popular design-wise when it came to the starters, but I was pleased with Chesnaught and its power.


This little Pokemon made me laugh when I first saw it. Considering it investigates stuff by punching them and it has the intelligence level of a toddler, the very existence of Clobbopus makes my day.


I didn’t know what the heck this thing was when I first saw it, but when I was able to battle it, I was quite amused at the Pokemon’s little individual units marching together. Its signature move — No Retreat — is pretty cool, too. Aside from raising all of its stats, it’s reminiscent of a desperate last stand in a battle. Never give up, never surrender!

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My Gaming Checklist

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

It’s hard to believe we’re already in April. With so many things closed down and not being able to leave the house much, gaming seems to be just about all you can do. (That is, if you choose to ignore work.)

My Gaming Checklist | Video Games | Nintendo | Nintendo Games | Gaming |

My favorite games

We all have our favorite genres and our go-to games after a long day or just need to escape reality for a bit. I’ll admit, I can’t pinpoint an exact genre that does this for me but I have a handful of games that are my favorite.

By favorite, I mean games that I will never get tired of playing. Games that I have played over and over again that I know by heart.


This, of course, is no secret. One of my favorite games is Pokemon. I’ve played all the spin-offs and mobile games and such, but there’s nothing quite like a main-stream Pokemon game. I could pick up Pokemon Silver, Pearl, X, Shield, or any of the other Pokemon games and have a great time with it. I could start my journey over, go shiny-hunting, grow my team to level 100 and then raise a new team, enter the Pokemon League over and over again, and so much more.

Whenever I run out of games to play or I’m in a slump, I find myself going back to a Pokemon game.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Maybe I could have put this with Pokemon in general, but aside from the main games, I could play and replay the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games forever. I don’t know what it is about these games – the gameplay is simple, the story and the dialogue is young – but I love them just the same.

Luigi’s Mansion

One of my all-time favorite games. Luigi’s Mansion is a classic and I can’t get enough of it. Luigi has always been one of my favorites and I have a soft spot for ghosts and the like, so Luigi’s Mansion is a perfect series for me. Plus, the gameplay is simple and the games themselves are fairly short and sweet to get through.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind them being longer, but hey – I’ll take what I can get.

Animal Crossing

This is a game that happens in real-time. So, of course, this is something I’ll go back to now and again. Animal Crossing is one of my favorites, yes, but it’s not something I could play every single day of my life (though I wouldn’t mind trying). Still, it’s easy to get sucked into the Animal Crossing world and forget about reality – which, let’s be honest, is nice sometimes.

Paper Mario

Finally, my all-time favorite game – Paper Mario. I’ve played the Nintendo 64 game so many times and I can breeze right through it in about 24 hours. This game is quirky with fun music and awesome characters. Maybe that’s it, but I don’t know why I have such a love for this game. It could also be because it was the first game I completed myself.

What I need from Nintendo

Nintendo has given me all brand new versions of my favorite games in less than a year. Pokemon Sword and Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX (not a new game, but a remake of the first one so I’ll take it – it was fun to see the Gameboy Advance game on the Switch!), and finally, Animal Crossing New Horizons.

I said to Kris the other day, “All Nintendo needs to do now is give me a new Paper Mario game and I’ll be all set.” (That is, then I can start asking for more sequels for these games all over again.)

Ironically enough, the next day, a rumor appeared. Nintendo will be celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary this year and a new Paper Mario game (going back to its original Nintendo 64 roots) may be in the works. There have been rumors about a new Paper Mario game before. I don’t know if I can believe this one or not.

I would love either Nintendo to remake the original Paper Mario onto the Switch (like what they did with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) or create a brand new Paper Mario game that’s similar to the original Paper Mario. (Or Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door – that one was good too, though I still prefer the original over any of the sequels.)

Supposedly, with this rumor, Super Mario 64 may be coming to the Switch among others. We’ll see what happens, I suppose. I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has up their sleeve. I just need Paper Mario and then I’ll complete my Bingo card before I can start it again!

What are some of your favorite games you always want more? What do you think of the rumors for Mario’s 35th anniversary? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Checking In

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Hey. How’s everyone doing? The world is in a strange place right now and, like many others, we’re trying our best to cope with these new rules in place, both physically and mentally. Our creativity took a bit of a nose-dive, understandably. However, at this time, we wanted to take a deep breath and make sure we’re still reaching out to others.

2020 has been a weird year, there’s no doubt about that. This was something no one saw coming and so many lives have been uprooted. Between health, finances and jobs, and everything in between, the whole world seems to be in a disarray and it’s tough to keep up with schedules and routines because of that.

With the news bombarding us with details about this virus, we’ve been spending much of our time escaping into video games, trying to forget about everything else going on in the world. Like many others, we haven’t been up for blogging or streaming for a while.

Animal Crossing New Horizons came at a good time, I have to say. However, burying yourself in video games isn’t exactly the best way to go about it. At least, not constantly. The best thing to do in this situation is to keep up as normally as possible. No, you can’t go to your friend’s house and no, you can’t go get your hair done. It’s tricky for those who work in an office and suddenly are working from home with their toddlers running circles around them. It’s not easy, but we need to attempt to make this situation as positive as we can.

While Animal Crossing isn’t my thing, it has been delightful seeing people on Twitter share their island names and starting fruit, keeping that sense of normalcy with people just being excited about one of their favorite games. And, while my day job schedule has been thrown for a loop, I’m trying to keep up with both my day job and figuring out how to use this new “work from home” time to benefit me creatively. Spinning a positive twist on everything going on is one of the best ways to get through this situation.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Exactly. It’s easier said than done, but we’re lucky enough that our family and friends are in good health and, for the most part, we still have our jobs. Some days will be harder than others – the fear and anxiety will get to you – on those days, turn off the news, and play some Animal Crossing or another relaxing game of your choice. Read a book, take a bath, reach out to a family or friend and talk. Catch up with each other and check-in with one another. We’re all in this together and we will get through this.

One of the best ways we can think to heal and try to keep this anxiety at bay is to get back into a normal routine. While we’re still going to take it easy amid these times, we’re planning on getting back into our blog routine, keep that sense of normalcy and continue to reach towards our goals. This pandemic is not going to stifle our creativity, and we hope that continuing this routine will help others as well. We hope everyone is staying as safe and as healthy as can be!

Are you doing as well as can be during these times? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Would You Rather: The Sims Edition

Would You Rather | The Sims | Gaming | Video Games | PC Games |

Considering our celebration of simulation games this month, we figured playing “Would You Rather” with an emphasis on the Sims franchise was appropriate. With everything you can do in the Sims games, there are plenty of ideas and what if scenarios for it. Starting off simple, Rachel, would you rather play the Sims by recreating yourself or creating brand new characters?

I would rather create myself. I like to give myself the life I believe I deserve which is an insta-writer and I can be a hermit. Kris, would you rather play the 100 Baby Challenge or challenge yourself to create every kind of ghost in The Sims?

I would go with the 100 Baby Challenge. Unlike most Sim players, I don’t particularly relish in the idea of killing everyone off on purpose, haha! That does sound interesting, though, to be honest. Rachel, would you rather play the Sims 3 with all of the expansion packs or just the base game of the Sims 4?

Um… I love the expansion packs, but there’s still a lot to do in The Sims within the base game. I think I would rather stick to The Sims 4 over The Sims 3. Similarly, would you rather only play The Sims 2 for the rest of your life or The Sims 4?

That’s actually a tough one. I enjoy the more controlled aspects of the Sims 2, but the Sims 4 definitely has more options when it comes to your sims. I think I would choose the Sims 4 as well, with its additional mechanics. Would you rather always have to find a creative way to kill your sims as soon as they become elders or would you rather be forced to finish playing only as them until they die naturally?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’d rather play with my elderly sims until they die from old age… or they accidentally electrocute themselves. I’d rather squeeze as much gameplay from each of my sims as possible. Finally, if you were to get sucked in a Sims game would you rather be aware of it and be controlled by the player – whoever that may be – or would you rather be unaware that you’re living as a sim being able to make some of your own decisions but still being controlled by someone else for the most part?

Oh, God, that sounds like some sort of horror movie. I would probably rather be unaware and blissfully believe that I’m in control of my own life. It sounds rather much like today’s world, anyway, with my job and such, haha!

What are your answers? Do you have any other questions for us? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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High Hopes (A Shield Nuzlocke): Chapter 4

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!

This is chapter four of my Nuzlocke, and it was therapeutic to write amid everything that is going on now. If you missed the first chapter or want to be reminded of the rules, feel free to go back to that post. Or, if you missed chapter three, that post is right here. Hope you enjoy this piece!

Pokemon | Nintendo | Pokemon Nuzlocke | Nuzlocke Challenge | Fanfiction | Story | Video Games |

Chapter 4:

Camping sucked.

Okay, so it was an interesting experience, being with my Pokemon out in the Wild Area. After a few strict rules — such as telling Ryder that, no, he could not eat Piccolo or Posie, our new Bunnelby companion, no matter how awful my first few attempts at making curry were — my Pokemon got along well enough during the few times we needed to put up the tent.

All in all, the few nights we camped out in the Wild Area were fine, but I definitely preferred an actual bed to a sleeping bag. I’m sure Hop was thrilled with the whole camping experience, wherever he was in the Wild Area. Growing up, my friend was always ready for adventure while I liked my adventure time to be scheduled. After all, I never wanted to miss any of the big Pokemon battles on television or my mother’s desserts.

A Pokemon journey was a learning curve for me and, seeing how many other would-be trainers that were running around the Wild Area like Blaziken with its head cut off, I seemed to be the only one experiencing these hang-ups.

Part of the anxiety was probably due to being hyper aware that the opening ceremony for the gym challenge would be happening in a couple days, and if I didn’t cross the Wild Area to reach Motostoke in time, there’d be disappointment all around me.

Hop would never forgive his “greatest rival” for being late, Leon would question why he gave me Bond in the first place, Mum’s face would fall in confusion if I walked back into the house so soon…

“Freya, stop taunting Everest.” I stepped in between my riled-up Oddish trying to challenge my shyer Delibird to a fight, and I added my Pokemon to the list of those who would be disappointed in me if I didn’t go through with this.

My Oddish stuck her tongue out at me and I returned her to her pokeball instead of retaliating. I decided against telling Everest that he could, you know, freeze the tip of her leaves or something to get her off his back, but with my luck, it would start a team brawl.

Despite everything, I was happy with our little team. Since entering the Wild Area, I’ve gotten a full team, along with an extra Pokemon hanging out in my Pokemon Box, and Piccolo even evolved into a Dottler, which I had to keep convincing myself was awesome. Because it was great that Piccolo evolved, got a little stronger and all that, but…

She wouldn’t be winning any races except maybe against a Metapod, that’s for sure.

I glanced around as Bond helped me finish packing up the tent and most of my other Pokemon were in their balls. Piccolo was inching her way back from the edge of the lake towards us, her stubby feet having taken her all morning to get to the edge of the lake in the first place for a drink after her spoonful of breakfast.

She chirped happily as she spotted me looking at her and I couldn’t help but give her a crooked smile. “Let me help,” I said, opting to just return her to her pokeball instead of waiting for her to catch up. Bond and I would have been waiting until noon for her to reach our sides.

“Alright, let’s keep going,” I said, and Bond hopped up to cling to my shoulder as we continued through the Wild Area. I wasn’t planning on catching any other Pokemon, aiming to just go straight to Motostoke in order to reach the city with time to spare for the opening ceremony.

Motostoke City was big enough to swallow Postwick five times over. As giant as the wild Onix seemed at the beginning of the Wild Area, a trainer’s Onix near Motostoke’s Pokemon Center looked like a runt next to the mechanisms that kept the city running.

“What did we get ourselves into?” I murmured, and Bond cooed in my ear, his voice warbling and his grip on my shoulder tightening.

“All right there, Kris?”

Bond and I were suddenly dwarfed in Leon’s and his Charizard’s shadows. My shoulders relaxed at the familiar face and I admitted, “I feel lost.”

“Story of my life,” Leon said with a laugh. “I’d never remember the way to the stadium if it weren’t for Charizard.” I refrained from mentioning just how often Leon, as the Champion, would have visited Motostoke Stadium. “You heading that way to register for the challenge?”

“Yes,” I said before I could back out, change my mind, and tell Leon to use his endorsement on someone else. “I’m sure Hop is already there.”

Indeed, after Charizard directed Leon and me to the steam-powered lift that would bring us to the stadium, we spotted Hop waiting just outside of the massive building.

“Kris, you made it!” Hop was nearly bouncing right outside of the stadium, and I’m glad he didn’t seem any worse for wear after the Wild Area. “Just think! Everyone’ll be watching the opening ceremony for the Gym Challenge… My mum, your mum, the whole world! I can’t tell if I’m trembling from nerves or excitement! Lee, you coming in now, too?”

“Not just yet,” Leon said, ruffling his brother’s hair. “The gym leaders are coming in for the opening ceremony, so I’m going to meet up with them tonight. You two go on and get registered.”

“Have fun, then,” Hop said before taking hold of my arm. “C’mon, let’s go!”

The lobby was packed with other gym challengers, so much so that I barely heard Hop mention how every other challenger there was a potential rival. We shouldered our way to the counter, nearly getting shoved down by some jerk in a bright pink coat in the process, and handed over our endorsements to the stadium official.

“Fancy that,” the official said. “This is the first time we’ve had a couple of challengers endorsed by the Champion himself.” My cheeks went red as the official added, “You two must be something special.”

I wasn’t sure if being friends with the Champion’s younger brother warranted me as special enough for an endorsement. Yet, we continued through the motions to register, picking out our uniform numbers and being surprised that the League Chairman booked rooms for all the challengers at the nearby inn.

“Alright, then,” Hop said as we got our Challenge Bands. “Let’s go check out the fancy digs!”

I took a deep breath as Hop beat me out of the lobby and stared down at my Challenge Band, Bond reaching out to touch it out of curiosity.

This was real. I was a Gym Challenger. I would be traveling all over the Galar Region for a chance to ultimately battle Leon for the Champion title. All around me were other challengers, challengers who knew as well as I did that not all of us would make it to the end. Would my team and I make it? Did I want to go that far in this challenge?

“One step at a time, I suppose,” I said to Bond, taking him in my arms as I made my way back out of the stadium as well. At the very least, I was going to get an actual bed for the night. I intended to enjoy it.

Current Team: Bond the Sobble, Piccolo the Dottler, Ryder the Rookidee, Posie the Bunnelby, Freya the Oddish, Everest the Delibird
Body Count: 0

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To Be In Control

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!

I apologize for no solo posts last week. This whole virus nonsense has been throwing many people — myself included — for a loop, particularly where my day job is concerned. Diving into video games has been my go-to coping method.

Video Games | Simulation | Gaming | Control | Escapism |

When Rachel and I decided to do a themed month of posts for March, the simulation genre was picked because it is genuinely one of our favorite genres of games, especially since we started Double Jump. Considering what state the world is in right now, it seems particularly fitting.

One of the reasons that people enjoy simulation games is the fact that you are in control. In the Sims, you micromanage everything about the little avatars’ existences, from who they fall in love with to when they’re allowed to use the restroom. Business simulation games — Game Dev Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon, for example — allows you to create the business that you want. Sure, you may have to bow a bit to the customers, but once you gain enough money from your venture, you’re pretty immune to criticism.

Capitalism at its finest.

We see evidence of this need to be in control happening all around us right now because of a super virus that is sweeping across the globe. Store shelves that used to hold toilet paper are bare because people are panic-buying up the supplies and, honestly, it baffled me as to why toilet paper of all things was being snatched up. I’m starting to understand that, perhaps, it’s not because it’s toilet paper — it’s because this panic-buying gives people some semblance of control. Attempting to be prepared for a month’s isolation, or longer, is the only way that some people can feel like they’re in control of something, that they’re able to beat back this virus.

Escapism is also a reason as to why people play video games, particularly simulation games. I have poured more hours these past couple of weeks into Stardew Valley than I ever have since first getting the game. With the coronovirus in the air, daily life has been odd. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know what’s going on. Let me dive into a world that does not have super viruses and where I’m able to control the environment around me.

Last week (which is really weird to say, because while this virus has been a thing for the past couple of months, it has only hit my city and state within the past couple of weeks), my day job has had little containers of hand sanitizer on the counter for both ourselves and our customers, particularly since we handle cash on a daily basis. There have been too many people asking where we found the hand sanitizer because, “it’s like liquid gold!” and we’ve been fortunate that people take it to heart when I tell them that, “You can’t steal it, you need to share.”

Because, like buying 96 rolls of toilet paper and the entire meat section in the local supermarket, this is something that we can control. Help each other out. Share resources. Check in on your neighbors. Be conscious of both social distancing and if there is anything you can do to help and share compassion.

The world may be going to Hell in a hand-basket but we’re all here together on this ride. Let’s try to remember that.

Why do you play video games? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Debate: The Sims 3 vs. The Sims 4

Debate | The Sims | Sims | Sims 3 | Sims 4 | Video Games | Gaming | PC Games |

The Sims franchise has been around since [year], and has yet to waver in popularity despite the prices for the base games, expansion packs, and stuff packs. We started with Sims 2 and there was no doubt when the Sims 3 and then the Sims 4 came out that we wouldn’t get them as well. While Sims 2 was a great introduction for us both, our opinions differ a bit when it comes to Sims 3 and Sims 4. I greatly enjoy the Sims 4, but I will admit that I miss the Sims 3.

The Sims 2 was always my favorite version out of the four games, even though I only had a little experience with The Sims 1. When The Sims 3 came out, I skipped it over entirely. While Kris played The Sims 3 I stuck with The Sims 2 because there was something about The Sims 3 that I didn’t care for. Now that The Sims 4 is out, I’ve left The Sims 2 behind.

To me, the Sims 3 had so much more customization available for your sims themselves. More looks for your avatar and more room for personality traits rather than only having 3 repetitive traits for your Sims 4. I didn’t understand why the Sims 4, with its emphasis on personality for the sims, axed a plethora of traits for the sims when it came to creating them.

While I agree with you in some sense that I wish The Sims 4 was able to have more traits, there are cheat codes out there (I’m assuming) that allow you to have more than the allotted traits. I believe they made up for the traits through the emotions. Your sims in The Sims 4 have more personality not through the traits, but through the emotions. I find the emotions fun and challenging all at once.

Yes, I’ve used those cheat codes many times, haha! It just kind of proves that the Sims 4 is not up to par for my sims. To me, the emotions are a little too predictable and, at times, annoying. They’re not as varied as I would like them to be. I also think the Sims 4 did not do as well with the neighborhoods. The Sims 3 had an open world and allowed you to edit the neighborhoods as you saw fit. The Sims 4 is extremely limited with neighborhood space, not even allowing extra spots for more houses should you wish to add to the neighborhoods.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I didn’t find the emotions annoying at all. I found it added more depth to their personalities even if they were a little predictable. As for the houses and neighborhoods… I actually have no counter for that. I agree with you on that. The only way to get more space is to buy the expansion packs. With that said, I didn’t like the neighborhood set-up in The Sims 3 where it was one big world, if I remember correctly. If you weren’t playing as a specific family, they still grew and moved on with their lives which I didn’t care for.

The Sims 4 did much better when it came to building and constructing houses, but the limited space hurts it. The Sims 3 did have an option to prevent other families from growing up, though. They did what they needed to stay alive, so to speak, but you could have paused the aging system, if I remember correctly. That way, you could be playing multiple households without losing progress on the family. The Sims 3 having each neighborhood be one big world gave the game beautiful graphics. I much prefer the look of the Sims 3 over the look of the Sims 4. The Sims 4 doesn’t look bad, of course, but the Sims 3 looked better to me.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
You can pause the aging system in The Sims 4 as well. And yes, building houses in The Sims 4 is much better than The Sims 3 (or any of the other games for that matter). I personally think The Sims 4 looks better than The Sims 3 with some updated graphics. Though… to be honest, I don’t remember the looks of The Sims 3 all that much. I guess we’ll let everyone else decide which game is the better one.

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Simulation Games I Want To See

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Let’s talk some more about simulation games. Specifically, let’s discuss some simulation games I would love to see.

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Pokemon Ranch upgrade

Does anyone remember this game? It came out on the Wii Ware back in March 2008. It was a wonderful game – even though there wasn’t much to do in it. You transferred your Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl (not Platinum for some reason) and that was about it. Your Pokemon had a hub world to go to so they could play and explore. The music was relaxing and I often had it up on the TV while I worked. The Pokemon derped around, sometimes playing (or getting into fights) with one another. It was fun for me.

I’d love to see another Pokemon Ranch. In fact, that’s what I was hoping Pokemon Home would be. (Home on the Range, anyone? No? Nintendo, you missed an opportunity here.)

The downfall of Pokemon Home is that once a Pokemon go in, they can’t go back. They can be transferred to the most recent games but they can’t go back to where they originally came from. I don’t know why this decision was made, but Pokemon who aren’t in Sword and Shield yet are now stuck in limbo in Pokemon Home.

In that case, it would have been awesome if Pokemon Home was it’s own game and mimicked Pokemon Ranch. That way you could still visit your Pokemon. Pokemon Home/Ranch could have been the equivalent of Pokemon Camps from Sword/Shield. It’s all been done before. We just need to throw it in a pot and mix it up.

Pokemon Ranch and Stardew Valley crossover

This may be cheating since I’m piggy-backing on the fact that I want more from Pokemon Ranch. Why not have a crossover between Pokemon Ranch and Stardew Valley? Farming games are all the rage as is Pokemon. Who wouldn’t want to grow a farm – berries, poffins, apricorns – and raise Pokemon? It can be farm animal-like Pokemon such as Mareep and Miltank or it can be all the Pokemon. Different types will have different stables.

In addition, you can add onto your farm to make work stations to make pokeballs from the apricorns or you can sell the apricorns as is. Berries can be sold or can be used to feed your Pokemon.

The many regions of Pokemon have plenty of caves to explore and bodies of water to surf, dive, and fish from. The possibilities are endless here. I don’t know why no one has thought of it before.

Pokemon and Animal Crossing crossover

Similar to crossing Pokemon Ranch and Stardew Valley, why not throw Pokemon in an Animal Crossing village? Sentret can be the new Tom Nook! Hoothoot can be Blathers. I mean, come on. These ideas are gold here.

One of the things I had hoped to see in Animal Crossing New Horizons was different biomes to expand our village. Instead of having one area, have different sections – east, west, north, and south. This has been done before with the town being to the north of the village and a camp being to the east or west. A new area to expand your village can easily be made. The seasons will still be present but you can have randomly generated biomes such as a desert, tundra, rainforest, etc. The types of animals the villagers are based off will live in their respective biomes. (See? Learning experience for kids!)

Taking that idea and warping it to Pokemon – you can have different areas for different types of Pokemon. I’d live there.

I may be the only one to play these games

I realize Nintendo hasn’t hired me yet because I tend to think of games that only I would play. I’d be surprised if people wanted a Pokemon Ranch upgrade. I also realize I’m on a Pokemon kick right now. I had to change the title of this article because I didn’t originally intend it to be mostly Pokemon related.

Oh, well. I can dream.

(By the way, Happy Mar10 Day!)

Are there any simulation games you’d love to see (Pokemon-related or not)? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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