1-2 Switch Game Review

onetwoswitchTitle: 1-2 Switch
Company: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
March 3, 2017
How we got the game:
We bought it.

1-2 Switch was probably one the games that we were most iffy about when it appeared in the lineup launch for the new Nintendo Switch. It definitely looked interesting enough to try, along with the technology that was rumored to be packed into the little joy-cons. So we picked it up and it was better than we thought!

We weren’t sure if the price was going to be worth it, but after watching some playthroughs of the game on YouTube, we just had to give it a go.


1-2 Switch is a collection of mini-games, most of them lasting about 30 seconds or so. There are games based on timing, motion, rhythm, and other gimmicks that show off the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch console, particularly the Joy-Cons.

Each game is unique in its own individual way. Sometimes you each need a Joy-Con, other times you both share the one Joy-Con. Sometimes you need the wrist straps and other times you’re placing the Joy-Con on the ground. Sometimes the Joy-Con simply vibrates to indicate something to you or it feels like soda bubbles getting ready to explode. The Joy-Cons are actually really amazing little things.

The most impressive aspect of the game play were the Joy-Con themselves. I was geeking out over how much technology is packed into those little things! One of the best mini games that showcased this technology was the Ball Count game, where it feels as if there are a few little marbles rolling around inside the controller.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It’s hard to explain and definitely something everyone should try for themselves. The other games we have (so far) don’t do the Joy-Cons justice. There were a wide variety of games where you had to run, sit and solve a puzzle with the Joy-Con, pass the Joy-Con around the room, and much more. Even though there are only 28 games, it gave a decent variety of things to do.


Each mini-game had its own graphics and music, none of which were bad but also not particularly memorable because of how short the games are. The mini games had real people demonstrating how to play the games in little instructional videos, and the actors were… well, they were very enthusiastic at times…

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The main point of 1-2 Switch is that you’re not looking at the TV screen. So, the graphics aren’t memorable because you’re not supposed to be looking at them. And that also makes me wonder if they really tried with them because they knew people wouldn’t pay attention. The music is good and catchy, but of course you’re playing with other people so you just end up shouting over the music anyway. As for those videos… I would definitely prefer a voice-over to just tell me how to play the game.


This is a cute, quick game to play at a party with friends. It’s simple enough for even those friends who aren’t used to video games at all to pick up and have a good time with. However, I believe the game would be more worth it if it’s on sale or, if down the line, it gets a free patch or download to add more mini games to its library. 1-2 Switch is definitely fun but probably would have worked better had it been bundled with the console itself.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
For 28 quick games, is it worth the $50? Probably not. For the amount of fun and laughs you’ll have with your friends, is the price worth it? I think so. I can’t wait to invite some of my friends over and throw a Joy-Con in their hand and watch them look like dopes trying to eat as many invisible sandwiches as they can. I know the point of this game is to go out and have fun with friends, but that’s also the downside of it. I can see myself getting in the mood to play it, but I won’t be able to because Kris won’t be home or she won’t want to play. I can also see some of the mini-games getting old pretty fast.

1-2 Switch gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives3 out of 5 lives.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. I recently sold my copy on eBay! I played it once with my sister and had fun for about 10 minutes, but $50 was far too high for me for a game I played once in a month. Will re-buy it once the price drops, probably!

    • I hope you ended up getting your money back! We have some friends that we’re going to force to play and we’ll play it enough to get our money’s worth. 🙂

  2. Too bad I don’t play multiplayer that much anymore. It’s rare to gather a bunch of friends for a day of video games. =/

    • Back in high school, like, 10 years ago, I had a pretty good group of friends, and when there was a gathering at my house, it was mainly us trying to beat each other in Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. The majority of my friends didn’t have consoles of their own and weren’t gamers, but it was always hilarious to see them attempt to play. Rachel and I miss those days!

      • I can totally relate to that. My high school years were the same. My friends had consoles, but not of what was then the current generation (the NGC, PS2, Xbox). So my house was the place to be when it came to gaming. The place was constantly packed. God bless my parents for putting up with that! =P
        We were an organized bunch, though. There was not much of a mess left behind once everyone left.

  3. My friends wouldn’t let me come round again if I brought 1-2-Switch

  4. I’m most interested in trying out the HD Rumble. I’m interested in trying it out, but I can’t justify shelling $50 on this game. Just seems like there are much better things to do with our time, both using the TV and not using it. Great review though! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • It’s really not worth the 50 bucks. Perhaps if it ever goes on sale or if you happen to score a free copy somewhere, maybe try it out if quirky mini-games are something you’d think you’d like. Otherwise, I vote you save your money until/if a time ever comes where Nintendo heavily improves it with free DLC or patches.

      • I finally tried 1-2 Switch at a special event this past weekend! It was fun, though the setting itself was a very energetic, crowded place, and it was our first time playing it. I can see the game getting old after a while, especially if it’s with the same group of friends in a less packed setting. That said, I would love to try more of it while it’s fresh!

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