First Impressions: The Sims 4

Hey everyone! Kris and Rachel here with another joint post! This week we’re going to rant and rave about the Sims 4. Both of us have been fans of the franchise for many years, with my favorite installment being the Sims 3 and Rachel loving the Sims 2. As for the Sims 4, I have to say… it’ll take some getting used to on my end.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I absolutely love it! I skipped over the Sims 3 because I just couldn’t get myself used to it. It wasn’t a bad game, I just preferred Sims 2. So playing Sims 4 is a huge step up from Sims 2! Though I know some others seem to think it’s a step down from Sims 3…

Well, not a step down, necessarily. Like most of the Sims installments, each expansion pack is like a piece of a puzzle, and EA is only giving us a few pieces at a time. They’ve been throwing quite a few stuff packs around to milk the cash cow when many of the items could have been used to bolster the few expansion packs they have out already. The franchise is enjoyable, but pricey.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Pricey or not, I still love it. My favorite part of the game is the emotions addition. I love making my sim feel inspired to write a new book or making her take a “steamy” shower and then watch her make a fool of herself as she flirts. Though, the flirty and playful emotions help a lot. I’ve only played for a couple of days, but she’s already engaged and he’s moved in with her.

Haha, the emotions part is definitely a plus! The sims have more realistic reactions to their environments and other people. I do wish that we were able to choose more traits and aspirations. Three traits to create a person isn’t enough to fully explore the possibilities of the emotions. I know that sims can earn traits, but having a wider range would be nice. I think the traits are what I miss the most from the Sims 3.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I agree, I do miss having more than three traits. I had a hard time picking just three out of all the options given.
But… I do love how there is no “environment” on the mood thing. I always felt forced to add wallpaper and such to my houses and they always came out ugly. My house in the Sims 4 isn’t decorated at all now because I don’t need to worry about it. It’s ugly, but at least it all matches.

On the flip side of that, it feels as if there’s also too little when it comes to being able to customize your sims’ world. It’s great that I’m not spending two hours to create a sim or house, but there is that lack of being able to truly create your own style. I’m sure more sets — clothes, hair, furniture, all that jazz — will be added as more expansion packs become available, but that goes right back to my point about missing puzzle pieces and money.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, I understand what you mean. Though I don’t think that bothers me all that much. I’m sure the more I play the game I’ll end up getting bored with the same stuff and want more down the road. Then I may have something to complain about. But at the moment, I don’t have too many concerns with this game.

I believe that’s the difference in our playstyles. I prefer the creating and customizing, while you enjoy making your sim actually live her/his life. Despite my cynical-ism, I am having fun with the Sims 4. It’s something new to explore and the game’s speed and processing is fantastic. Loading screens may be back, but they’re not on the screen for long!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The loading times are Heavenly compared to what the Sims 2 was like. Then again, we also have a new computer. I’m sure that helps!
On that note, I’m sure we’ll discuss The Sims 4 again at a later time. Maybe we’ll even have pictures of our wonderful Sims living their lives!

Like pictures of Rachel’s sim catching herself on fire (twice), haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
(It was actually three times…)
To be continued!

How are you enjoying The Sims 4? What’s your favorite Sims game?


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