Console vs Handheld

Console vs Handheld

Hi everyone! We hope you’re all having a good week! Today Rachel and I are debating on whether or not consoles — like the Wii U — or handhelds — like the Nintendo 3DS — are better platforms for games. Personally, I prefer the consoles. There’s nothing like playing a fantastic adventure game and seeing the gorgeous details of the world on a big television screen. Handhelds, while their graphics can be pretty, just don’t hold a candle to consoles.

It’s hard to pick and choose one or the other. Though for the post’s sake, I’m going to say that I prefer handhelds. Yes, the screen is bigger on a TV, but the XL 3DS is pretty good as well. Plus I love being able to put my 3DS in my pocket and bring it with me where ever I go.

Okay, so the handhelds have the pro of being portable. That’s cool and great for vacations, but with the convenient travel size also comes smaller games. Not only are they easier to lose, I feel as if the game data themselves are smaller. The console games are bigger, more expansive than the handheld ones.

Yes, but you can download so many games onto the handheld. You don’t even have to bring a cartridge with you. Sure, the games may not hold as much information, but you can still get hours of play from each game.

You can download a plethora of games onto the consoles as well. It’s something that they’re all starting to do, as well as include special apps like Netflix and YouTube. While it is awesome being able to bring Netflix and YouTube around with you on a handheld, there is nothing like watching it on the television with the help of your console.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
But you can’t take those games with you… So there.
I never use YouTube and Netflix on my 3DS because the screen is so small. It’s supposed to be used for video games anyway. Not watching TV. Tell me, how often do we play video games on our Wii U and how often do we watch Let’s Plays on YouTube on the Wii U? We play more games on the handheld than we do the console.

Yes, the handhelds are more convenient for playing games… But how often do we wish for games like Professor Layton to be on the console so we don’t have to huddle over one little 3DS screen to play together? Games for consoles like the Wii U are fantastic for sharing with friends, especially ones like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Yes, there’s a nifty thing called WiFi to let you play with others through the Internet, but that can be spotty, even in today’s age of technology.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Okay, okay… Good point.
However not much of our friends enjoy video games like we do. We don’t really have anyone to play with. Sure it would be nice to play games on the big screen with each other, but we manage. Sometimes it can be nice to lay on the couch with coffee in hand, relaxing and quiet.

We can force encourage our friends to enjoy video games like us… Seriously, we have a decent handful who love our video game nights and are annoyed that we don’t do them more often. Maybe we should fix that…
We can relax just as well with console games too, such as Pokemon Ranch or, again, Super Smash Bros. with computer characters duking it out. My vote, with the bigger screen, fuller games, and sociability, goes to the consoles!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
My vote is the smaller screen, shorter games, yet portable!
That sounds pretty bad when I say it like that, but I was just trying to write the opposite of what you said… Oh well!
I’ll play video games no matter what platform they’re on.

Whose side are you on? Do you prefer console games or handhelds?


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