“Username: Evie” Review

krismii Happy April, everyone! Kris here with my monthly book review. Enjoy!

“Be proud of who you are, and never lose sight of the fact that you are loved.” – Joe Sugg (Username: Evie)

“Username: Evie” Review

This post may contain spoilers for the book.


Joe Sugg, a famed YouTuber from the UK, penned this graphic novel. It’s his debut in the world of publishing and, in my opinion, he did pretty well.

The story itself centers around a young woman, aptly named Evie, who doesn’t quite fit in at school or with her peers. Most of it seems to stem from a poor relationship with her cousin Mallory, who is the Queen Bee of the high school, a typical teenage woe that is popular in fiction. Her terminally ill father creates this virtual reality world for her to escape and recharge when she needs a break from real life. Yet, when the program gets corrupted, it is up to Evie to gain the confidence to face her fears and overcome the challenges to right the virtual reality as she finds her way back to the real world.

The story itself is enjoyable, as are the illustrations, and the frames of the comic flow rather well. The characters can be a bit cliche — the nerd, the jock, the insufferable Queen Bee stereotype — but some of the cliches can definitely be overlooked as most of the characters seem to redeem or find themselves by the end of the story.

My main issue with the graphic novel is that it wraps up too quickly and too nicely. It’s a graphic novel rather than an epic 300-page book, of course, so it was definitely going to be shorter, but I’m curious as to what the team of creators could have done had this graphic novel been stretched into a few books rather than one. The story and characters could have grown much more.

Still, for a first-time published author, Joe Sugg and his team created an enjoyable graphic novel for all of us geeks who wish for a world to escape from real life, even if just for a while so we can appreciate the real world for the wonderful place it can be.

“Username: Evie” gets a 4 out of 5 stars.


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