Top 5 Yoshis

Rachel Mii Double JumpHey guys!

If you’ve played Yoshi’s Woolly World, then you know there are more Yoshis than we thought. They’re not just solid colors anymore, but have some cool designs.

I picked out a couple of my favorite ones to share with you.

Yoshi's Woolly World

5. Star Yoshi

Blue and yellow is a nice color combination, I think. Plus the star on Yoshi’s cheek is adorable.


Yoshi's Woolly World

4. Cinnamon Yoshi
I’m not really sure how this color combination looks like cinnamon, but I think it’s pretty anyway.

Yoshi's Wolly World

3. Circus Yoshi

The blue and purple looks cool, especially when it’s striped like that. It reminds me of cotton candy. Which, oddly enough, there is a Yoshi for.


Yoshi's Woolly World

2. Aqua Yoshi
Dark blue and light blue. Can’t go wrong.

Yoshi's Woolly World

1. Alpine Yoshi

I think this Yoshi is one of the most originally designed. It’s not just stripes or spirals. Plus the color combination is perfect for what it is.


Can you tell that my favorite color is blue?

Which Yoshi designs are your favorite?

All images are from Mario Wikia.


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