Character Spotlight: Fang

Rachel Mii Double JumpIt’s Rachel!

I thought I would do a fun mini-feature on the blog called “Character Spotlight” where I showcase some of my favorite characters from video games.


Fang Animal Crossing
Via Animal Crossing Wikia

Everyone, meet Fang. If you’re an Animal Crossing lover, I’m sure you’ve met him plenty of times before.

I started playing Animal Crossing when it first came out on the Gamecube console. Fang was one of my villagers in the very first town I ever created. And I will never delete that town as long as he is there.

He’s got a bit of an attitude, but he can be semi-pleasant to your main character. I don’t know why, but his cranky personality made me love him all the more.

Despite him being a cartoon character in a video game, I thought to myself, “I can totally turn this guy around!”

Let’s keep in mind that I was 13 when this game came out in late 2002.

I visited him every day, talked to him all the time… I even wrote letters to him. Perhaps a few love letters here and there.


Out of all the Animal Crossing villagers there are out there and all the video game characters, Fang will always have a special place in my heart.

Who’s one of your favorite video game characters? Who is your favorite Animal Crossing villager?


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