What’s Wrong with Gamers?

Rachel Mii Double JumpHi, guys.

I’ve been playing video games for most of my life. Yet, it’s always an awkward conversation when I tell someone for the first time that I play video games.

Is it because I’m a girl? Is it because some people see video games as a waste of time? I’m not really sure…

I grew up watching Kris play video games because she grew up watching my uncle play. I started playing myself, with Kris, even though I was young and didn’t really know what I was doing.

Seriously, in Mario Kart I would just drive around in circles laughing hysterically as though I was actually accomplishing something.

I play all the popular games most know and love–Pokemon, the Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic (when it used to be pretty good).

Video games are fun for me. I grew up with them, I can’t imagine not playing games. It’s a hobby of mine. Everyone has a hobby, right?

Yet a lot of people give me strange looks because I play video games.

“You’re too young to know half of those games.”
“People who play video games are lazy.”
“Let me guess, you’re going to go home and play your stupid games.”

All those things have been said to me at one point or another.

I already explained to that I grew up playing those games, so even at the age of 22, no, I am not too young to be playing those oldies.

As much as I would like, I do not sit around all day playing video games. I work 8-10 hours a day and then come home and blog and write. I don’t play nearly enough video games as I would like. However, just because I play video games people automatically assume I’m lazy and that’s all I do.

Why is that? I have no idea.

The last comment stung as it was said by a dear co-worker of mine. I’m a teacher and we were breaking for April vacation. We and a few others were chatting about family events, friend get-togethers, and other things we had planned for the week. When I mentioned I didn’t have too many things planned as of that moment, everyone assumed I would just go home, hop into my pajamas, and stay on the couch all week without getting any sunlight.

When, in fact, I didn’t get a chance to even really sit down and play because I ended up going out every day that week.

This post came out to be a bit more rant-like than I expected. But us gamers have to stick together.

Have you ever been made fun of for playing video games?

3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Gamers?

  1. All the time. They still do to this day. But then I have a host of gamers, some way older than me (i’m talking early forties) some younger, who don’t bash me about it. Still, when I hear that “Turning your brain into mush” comments, I get upset.

    • You definitely need to find the right people to play the games with. Some people just don’t get it and I don’t really know why.
      Like I stated in the post I published today, gaming is a form of art. It’s not just something “lazy.”

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