How To Build a Main Character

how to build a main character double jump

If you could build the perfect main character for a video game — not just an avatar, mind you, but for a series — what would that main character be like? Tall and athletic? An average build? Male, female, ambiguous?

What kind of game are we talking about here?

Anything, really. But for the sake of the question, how about we do a standard platformer or RPG?

Hm… Honestly, I think I would just end up having the character look like me. Maybe a bit taller, though. Unless having a 4’10” main character would be humorous for parts of the game.

Do you think many gamers tend to want the main character of the game to be similar to themselves? Video games are a way to escape the real world, but it’s always amazing to feel like the hero of a world.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I think always having a main character based off of yourself would get pretty boring after a while. However, I think most people would love it. Who wouldn’t want superpowers or be indestructible or go on a wonderful adventure?

It definitely sounds like a good perk. On the flip side, though, there’s something special and iconic about always seeing a familiar hero, like Link from the Legend of Zelda series or Samus from Metroid Prime.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Link has been reincarnated from generations. That’s part of the plot. I think that’s a bit different. If they had a different main character for a Zelda game, then… that would just be odd.

I understand what you mean, but that can apply to my point as well. Imagine starting a Legend of Zelda game as anyone other than Link. It’d be weird and who knows how fans would react? Imagine how fans would react if you were suddenly able to create your own “Link.”

Rachel Mii Double Jump
If they had us play as anyone else other than Link, I don’t think I would be able to play the game. It would be too weird.

What about you? What would your perfect main character be like?


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