Top Tuesday: Let’s Play Channels

Rachel Mii Double JumpIt’s time for another Top Tuesday!

Since I talked about gamers (supposedly) being weird and how gamers and people who create those games are way greater then we give them credit for, I thought I would discuss my favorite Let’s Play channels on YouTube.

There’s never a dull moment when watching someone else play video games.

TT Lets Play Channels

5. Jimmy Plays

Jimmy Whetzel is fresh out of high school, but has been doing his channel for a few years. He’s witty, funny, and overall adorable. Lately he’s been streaming on his Twitch account more rather than his Let’s Play channel. However, he does have a main channel that he keeps up with once in a while.

4. GTLive

GTLive is brought to you by one of the Game Theorists himself (which is another wonderful channel) and his wife. They live stream on YouTube playing games and have a ton of fun and laughs while doing so.

3. DanAndPhilGAMES

You can’t go wrong with a couple of cute British-accented guys. Dan and Phil each have their own channels, not specifically towards video games, but being roommates, they came together to create a gaming channel. A hilarious, gaming channel.

2. ProJared Plays!

If you can handle the swears and his dirty mind, please follow ProJared. He’s fantastic, he’s adorable, he’s funny, and he’s 100% nerd.

1. PBGGameplay

PBG is why I started to religiously watch YouTube in the first place. He was introduced to me by the kid I babysit for and I haven’t stopped watching him since. He uploads four times a week, often with his editor buddy, Jeff, who also has his own channel. You don’t stop laughing when he’s on the TV.

All of these channels are hilarious and the guys who run them are so kind and adorable. I would highly recommend all of them.

The sad part is, this isn’t even all of them…

What kinds of YouTube channels do you watch? 

2 thoughts on “Top Tuesday: Let’s Play Channels

  1. Thanks for sharing these channels! I haven’t seen too many Let’s Plays on YouTube, but I always catch speedruns at the events, AGDQ and SGDQ (Games Done Quick). I also watch gaming-related channels on YouTube such as Game Theory, which you mentioned.

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