Flashback Friday: Super Smash Bros.

Double Jump Kris Mii Happy Friday everyone, Kris here!

Goodness, it’s hot. What perfect weather to lounge by the pool, if you’re into swimming… or play video games in front of a blasting air conditioner!




The first Super Smash Bros. game was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. I had never owned a cartridge of this amazing game, but I was enthralled with it when I was introduced to the game from my cousins and Blockbuster. It featured a total of 12 playable characters, four of which were unlockable.

Melee followed the Nintendo 64’s game for the GameCube in 2001, with Brawl for the Wii being released in 2008. The latest installment, Super Smash Bros. Wii U (along with a Nintendo 3DS port), came out in 2014. At the time of this post, there is a grand total of 58 playable characters for the Wii U installment, nearly five times more characters than the original Nintendo 64 game!

The Super Smash Bros. series brought about a different gameplay for fighting games. Rather than depleting an opponent’s HP bar, the main objective in Super Smash Bros. is to cause your opponent to fly off of the map. The more the opponent is hit, the higher the opponent’s damage percentage, and the simpler it is for said opponent to blast off again like Team Rocket.

Although skill and practice were needed to help win the matches, Super Smash Bros. also threw in many unique items and weapons to add even more chaos to the fights. If a Pokeball appeared, everyone stopped what they were doing to scramble to it in case it was a giant Snorlax come to wreck havoc on your enemies!

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 paved the way for a unique fighting game from Nintendo, allowing players to pit their favorite video game mascots against each other in battles of skill and luck. Along with Monopoly and Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. was a game that tested even the strongest of friendships.

Have you played the original Super Smash Bros.? How did you enjoy the game?


On Vacation 

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday everyone!

The week is coming to a close and normally I would be happy it’s almost the weekend, but this just means my vacation is almost over.
I’ve been away all week and while I’ve been playing a fun amount of video games, I’ve also been outside.

I know, weird, right?

I’ve been swimming in the lake, reading, playing my 3DS, playing board games with my family, and actually going outside to shop and walk around the area.

It’s been a good week and while I miss my Wii U and playing games with Kris, it’s been relaxing playing games by a calming lake.

Or just sitting and relaxing not playing games at all.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!

Put it on Repeat

We’re always looking forward to new video games. New stories, new characters, new gameplay to draw us in. But what about those games that, no matter how old, you’ll always want to go back and replay?

You mean like Paper Mario? Mario Party? Pokemon? Luigi’s Mansion? Though I may be one in the few that absolutely love the Luigi’s Mansion series.

Haha, my top game is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, but I’m right there with you for Paper Mario (at least the first two) and the Pokemon series. There’s nothing wrong with a few replays of Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda games as well. I think what these all have in common is memorable characters, while most of them also have a hint of customization to them. Super Mario RPG, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem all let you chose who you want in your party, allowing you to explore other characters and options.

I agree. Those games are so much fun to go back to and play in a different way. Or, like the Pokemon games, you can just continue on past the original main story and play for hours on end. You can’t do that with games like Paper Mario, but there’s something about that game that makes me go back. Even though I know the whole game by heart.

Paper Mario, the Legend of Zelda games… They have certain formulas that you follow (except for Breath of the Wild coming out, which sounds so exciting!), but the atmosphere of the games just keep you coming back for more. The graphics, the characters, the stories… We’re all so in love with them that we don’t mind falling back into them again and again.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The humor, too! Paper Mario has a lot of great lines, especially from Bowser. Zelda has some humor in it as well, though some of the games, like Majora’s Mask, can be pretty dark. But the darker games have some of the best messages.

Super Mario RPG had a lot of humor too, as well as the memorable characters. Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, they were definitely a few of the darker ones in the Legend of Zelda series, but their messages about death, grief, memories and protecting those you love, be it family or a kingdom of people, were all wonderfully crafted in the games. Even if, you know, we didn’t realize the messages when we were kids!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Super Mario RPG was my favorite game to watch you play when we were younger. I remember loving the part where you have to hide from Booster and when you’re in the cart on the tracks. I also loved the fact that Bowser was part of your team for most of the game.

It was my favorite to watch too when I was younger! I had always bothered my uncle to play the game until I got the courage to give it a go myself. I remember the hiding from Booster part used to make my seven-years-old or so self so nervous that I wouldn’t go any further in the game. After I was able to get through that part, I would be too anxious to go past the part in Nimbus Land when Dodo “polishes” the statues by trying to peck you. In a way, that’s another reason why it’s a game I’ll always go back to. It helped me break out into video games, get the courage to try new styles and genres.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Ah, I remember that part. That was a good one as well. There are so many new games that are coming out that I want to give a try. Yet, whenever I want to start playing a new or different game, I browse the games I own and always end up playing the ones I’ve played a million times. And I love it.

What game will you never get tired of?

Top Tuesday: Johto Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpNow that I gone through the Kanto region, I’m currently going through the Johto region.

Last month, I told you guys my favorite Kanto Pokemon.

Here are my favorite Johto Pokemon.

5. Wooper

Wooper is adorable. End of story.

4. Houndour

A fire puppy? Yes, please.

3. Mareep

Who doesn’t want a sheep that can create static electricity?

2. Unown

I love the variety of Unown and how they represent the alphabet. It’s fun to put them together and try to read what they say. I also enjoy trying to collect all 28 of them in the game.

1. Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil is very cute and I think he’s a pretty powerful Pokemon, especially when he evolves all the way.


Single Player Mode

Double Jump Kris MiiHey everyone, Kristen here! I have quite a bit of time on my hands this week, so I was thinking about what kind of games I could play to pass the time…

Games have made tremendous stride in becoming great social activities, from multiplayer games in the living room to online games capable of allowing you to play with people from all over the globe.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be able to just a play a game by yourself.

Fire Emblem games are ones that I prefer to play by myself. They’re brilliant to talk about with others, and there’s a lovely fandom for the game, but if you’re just sitting next to the person playing the game, it’s not the most exciting. Rachel can testify to that!

Harvest Moon is another game that I prefer to play while hanging out alone. It’s so relaxing (usually), and I almost always get sleepy after a good virtual farming session.

Then there are games that are one-player games that should be multiplayer, like the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games. They’re utterly brilliant, and it’s so much fun trying to find clues and figure out how the crimes were committed with others. It’s not so much fun trying to cram together to stare over one Nintendo DS console to see the game.

What about you? What kind of games do you enjoy playing solo?


Friday Favorites: Sim Expansions

Double Jump Kris MiiAnyone else around here write? Rachel and I are avid writers as well as avid gamers. This month is Camp NaNoWriMo, which is the challenge to write 50k words (be they for a novel or a script or whatever) in a month. I’ve been doing well with mine but, well, I did something silly recently — I started playing the Sims again. Anyone who plays this franchise knows how addicting it can be! So, today I will be talking about my favorite expansion packs for the games, most of which are generic and have had some reincarnation for each of the Sims versions.

4. Seasons

Although sometimes the rain and snowstorms made the games run a bit slow, the season expansion packs were always a great addition to the games. The weather was a wonderful addition and, with Sims 3, the new social interactions and seasonal sports was awesome.

3. Nightlife/Late Night/Get Together

These expansion packs were lots of fun basically for the added content they gave the game. The new outfits were great, and they usually involved musical instruments as well. The band interactions were one of my favorite parts of Late Night for the Sims 3! More social interactions are always a plus in my book.

2. Ambitions

This Sims 3 expansion pack is near the top of the list mainly for the extended list of jobs that your sim could do. I wasn’t too thrilled with the “professions” aspect of the game, where you follow your sim around for their job rather than them disappearing into a rabbit-hole location, but the self-employed option was fantastic. I could have my sim-self be a successful writer instead of needing a desk job!

1. Pets

Anyone who knows me understands my four loves in life: writing, video games, chocolate, and animals. The Pets expansion pack for the Sims games were always my favorite if only because I could have adorable puppies and kittens to wreck havoc in my sims’ homes. Horses in the Sims 3 Pets expansion pack was an amazing bonus! Sims 4, I’m expecting great things from your Pets expansion pack!

Do you play the Sims? What’s your favorite part of the games?

Character Spotlight: Midna

Rachel Mii Double JumpI realized I was going to make the Character Spotlights a more regular feature.

Then I forgot about it. Go me.

So, here’s another one from a great game!

Midna Twilight Princess Double Jump
Via Wikipedia
Midna made her first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which was originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube. Now, in 2016, it’s been re-released in HD for the Wii U.

Midna was always an interesting character to me. Her design alone was what caught my attention, as I’m sure it did everyone else. I think she’s cute, even though she’d probably kill me for saying so.

I love the dark colors on her that intertwine on her body and the mask on top of her head just completes the look. The small fang that sticks out is a nice compliment to her personality.

When I watched Kris play Twilight Princess for the first time when the game came out in 2006, I wasn’t sure of what to think of Midna. Part of me thought she was a bad guy.

She’s so sassy and bossy and definitely knows what she’s doing and what she wants. She manipulates Link in a way that you wonder who’s side she’s on–good, bad, or her own.

Twilight Princess has a lot of fantastic characters, but Midna will be my favorite out of the whole game.

I think the developers made the right choice when they decided to make Midna Link’s sidekick for the game.

Who’s your favorite Zelda character? Or your favorite overall video game character?