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So we finally opened our copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you know, the HD remake for the Wii U, the other day. I know, we’re late to the party. Anyway, as we’re traversing through the Forest Temple, we were amused to realize that the monkeys that help you along the way have little tattoos on their forearms. It got me randomly thinking about how tattoos are just one way that plenty of video game fans have shown their love for the medium. Rachel, if you had to get a video game related tattoo, what would it be?


A tattoo to show my love for video games, huh? If I couldn’t have the Triforce on the back of my hand, I would probably do something Pokemon related. Maybe just a simple pokeball or something? I don’t know, I’ve never really given it much thought.


I would have guessed Pokemon related for you, Rachel. As for me, I actually have given this some thought before. If I ever were to get a tattoo that was video game related, it would be the Sheikah eye symbol from the Legend of Zelda games near one of my shoulders. Aside from tattoos, what else do we do to showcase our love of video games?


Buy all the things? I don’t know, I try to collect various merchandise for the different games. Like Pokemon, for example. I still have all my Pokemon cards and still buy them from time to time. I have plenty of plushies of Pokemon that I have no room for and I even try to collect all the games, whether I’m interested in playing it or not.


I have sketchbooks with pictures of various video game characters, even a few posted on my ancient deviant art account. There’s so many other ways we show it, from clothing to the music to the hit-or-miss movies and television shows based off of the games. Toys are also awesome, of course, haha! We can’t forget our writing too. Legend of Zelda fanfiction is how I started off!

Rachel Mii Double Jump

Ah, yes. Out of all the many songs on our MP3 players, how many of them are from a video game? The majority of them, probably. Before we painted our bedroom, we had so many posters hung up on the walls, too.


Oh my goodness, I forgot about the posters! We had Ocarina of Time, the third generation of Pokemon… And some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, haha. At least half of my music player is video game related music, whether they be from the soundtracks, covers from artists like Taylor Davis and Smooth McGroove, or original tributes written by musicians like Yungtown.

Rachel Mii Double Jump

Overall, there are so many different ways to show your love for the people and companies that work show hard and show their creativity through video games. Buying various forms of merchandise is just one way to share the games we all know and love.

What do you do to show your love of games?


One thought on “Show Your Love

  1. So cute! My place is filled with video game (and anime) stuff all around. Posters line the walls, a nearly complete amiibo collection has taken over the coffee table, and a huge collection of games is displayed in our place. I love collecting, especially when it comes to my passions. And I too have a lot of video game music on my iTunes… It’s my favorite thing to listen to!


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