Disappointing Games

Video games are wonderful things. Over the years, they’ve become so much more than just tools used to escape the real world. They’re amazing projects showcasing art, writing, acting, and have reached a high social aspect, bringing people together from all over the world. Despite all of the accomplishments, video games have had over the years, there are a few that can be a bit… disappointing.

There’s nothing worse than anticipating a new game coming out. Then when you buy it and finally have a physical copy in hand, you start playing it and it and then it’s not… not that good. The mechanics are bad or maybe the graphics are sloppy, the music isn’t catchy or maybe the overall plot just isn’t that great.

There are certain games we’ve gotten because we have been in love with the characters or the plot of the predecessor games… Such as Sonic Boom and Sonic the Lost World. The latter I actually “beat” the game, I believe. Sonic Boom? I couldn’t stand more than a level of it.

Personally, I still want you to beat Sonic Boom. I think it would be a big accomplishment! But also because it’s funny to watch you play. But yes, Sonic Boom was a huge disappointment. The level design just wasn’t good and also… They ruined Knuckles. Poor Knuckles.

The fact that they destroyed Knuckles’ character was the worst deal breaker for me! I didn’t mind Amy’s new design, both looks and personality-wise, and Sonic and Tails were cute, but poor Knuckles was butchered. I could get used to his looks, but they did not need to squeeze him into the “dumb jock” stereotype. The levels and gameplay definitely weren’t near the levels of Sonic games. It’s such a shame that the franchise seems to be going downhill fast.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Knuckles was sad, yes. But I couldn’t believe they changed the gameplay. I mean, how can you play a Sonic game and not go fast? Another game that disappointed me by changing the gameplay is the Paper Mario series. The first and second games are still the best. Super Paper Mario isn’t too bad. But Sticker Star? Oh, dear…

Oh dear is right. I loved the first and even the second Paper Mario games (perhaps not as much as you, Rachel), but I thought the third was only okay. Sticker Star was another game that I stopped playing because I wasn’t impressed at all. In all honesty, Color Splash doesn’t look that great to me just yet either, but I’m hoping it’ll be better than Sticker Star.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Color Splash looks like it will be better than Sticker Star, but still seems to have some of the same elements. I plan on getting it and trying it out, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Even with Mario Party: Star Rush. I absolutely love the Mario Party games, but the latest games haven’t been that great. Star Rush looks different, but it’s not like the old school games that I would like.

I forgot about the Mario Party games. I haven’t really been paying much attention to them since we’ve played Mario Party 10, which was also a bit of a disappointment. I believe most of these games disappointed me for one major reason — the characters and their developments. Sonic Boom ruined one of my favorites, Sticker Star got rid of the partner-aspect of Paper Mario that I had enjoyed, Mario Party 10 didn’t have much of a story or fun rivalry for the characters to play through… It just shows how much I need to be invested in characters and their stories in order to enjoy a game.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I 100% agree with you. It’s all about the characters and the story. What’s funny is that the developers are always trying to think of bigger and better ways to improve a game series and to make it more fun. When, in reality, everyone just wants another game just like the last. So many people have been begging for another Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They did okay with Super Paper Mario, but then they created Sticker Star. Even with Mario Party. People love Mario Party one and two, the older ones. But they keep trying to improve, when the answer to “improve” is right in front of them because they had created it before.

Was there a game that disappointed you?


One thought on “Disappointing Games

  1. Yes! You are exactly right with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It’s one of the most disappointing games I’ve ever played, especially since I loved all the other Paper Mario games. I even thought Super Paper Mario was fine. When I saw the trailer for Color Splash, I got excited for a second, then realized it was basically Sticker Star 2. I’ll admit it looks a little better. But if it has the same issues as Sticker Star, then I might not bother with it.

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